Mottarone cable car, number of rooms under investigation: two companies also involved

Mottarone cable car, number of rooms under investigation: two companies also involved
Mottarone cable car, number of rooms under investigation: two companies also involved

The number of suspects for the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car where 14 people lost their lives rises to 14. In addition to the three suspects, stopped and immediately released, there are also nine other names of people and two bodies: Ferrovie del Mottarone, the company that manages the cable car and Leitner, which must answer for administrative offenses, i.e. the law 231, this is the company of Vipiteno which has the plant maintenance contract. This is what emerges in the request for an evidentiary incident, in possession of Adnkronos, signed by the prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi and by prosecutor Laura Carrera.

In the crosshairs of the prosecutor who is investigating the cable car accident on Sunday 23 May, they also ended up among the major positions of Leitner – Anton Seeber president of the group and Martin Leitner as managing director – the company has the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance contract of the cableway and that has entrusted the work to other smaller companies. Among the names also that of Rino Fanetti, “the Leitner employee who on November 22, 2016 performed the cast head of the upper hauling cable of cabin 3”, that is of the cabin that traveled with the forks inserted – that is the emergency braking system blocked – and that it fell due to the breaking of the towing rope, breaking due to causes to be ascertained.

The breaking point of the towing rope coincides with the portion enclosed in the steel vice that holds the two ends of the rope together. This is the so-called fused head, a portion of the cable considered to be among the weakest of the entire structure and therefore one of the main hypotheses of the possible reason behind the accident.

In the list of suspects, compiled to be able to proceed with the unrepeatable acts of the investigation where the presence of all the parties is necessary, also appear among others Davide Marchetto, the technical manager of the Rvs of Turin who carried out the two maintenance interventions on the cable car of Stresa, Federico Samonini legal representative of SCF Monterosa, a company that on the Saturday preceding the accident had intervened to replace a roller, and which in the past carried out a visual inspection of the cast heads “also proceeding to replace them at maturity, with the exception of the cast head of the crashed cabin number 3, whose replacement was scheduled for November 2021 “, and the employee Davide Moschitti of Sateco who carried out the magneto-inductive tests in November 2020.

In the register of suspects also the two bodies: Ferrovie del Mottarone and Leitner for administrative offense, ie for alleged violations of the rules on the protection of health and safety at work. Names and companies that are added to the first three suspects: Luigi Nerini manager of the Stresa cable car, Gabriele Tadini (under house arrest) head of the plant service and the operating director, engineer Enrico Perocchio.

New allegations

The crime of an attack on transport safety is also challenged in the request for an evidentiary incident notified today to the 14 who ended up in the crosshairs (the two companies, Leitner and Ferrovie del Mottarone respond for the administrative liability of the entities) of the chief prosecutor Olimpia Bossi and the prosecutor Laura Carrera. The other offenses, already known, are the removal or willful omission of precautions against accidents at work, aggravated by the disaster: Gabriele Tadini, head of the plant service – currently under house arrest – is also responsible for the crime of forgery for failing to report in the special register of the anomalies recorded on the braking system of the system.

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