The spectacle of the legendary Noto flower show in via della Spiga in Milan

02 July 2021 09:32

Via della Spiga explodes with color. On Thursday 1 July, in the street that is the symbol of Milanese and Italian fashion, the first infiorata of the Quadrilatero was inaugurated.

Hines and the “Amici di via della Spiga” association have in fact organized the “Sowing of ideas” inspired by 13 protagonists of the city between design, fashion, culture, sport and lifestyle and transformed into reality by the historic flower masters of Noto.

Photo Ig / Spiga26 – The flower show in via della Spiga

“In the wake of the desire to leave and involve the citizens, until 3 July, Via della Spiga hosts 60 flower masters from Noto who, with their vivid and precious art handed down since 1980, transform over 100 meters of the prestigious road in 48 hours in an open air exhibition space, enlivened by 13 canvases painted with the petals of 200 thousand flowers, including carnations, gerberas, roses, and countless others “, reads a note from the organizers.

“Starting from the traditional Infiorata that comes to life once a year in the Sicilian city of Noto, the Semina – L’Infiorata in Via della Spiga blossoms from Hines’ long-term commitment to the city of Milan to transform an urban fabric to connote it into a a place of culture and exchange between spaces, people and beauty “. And beauty is definitely not lacking.

Photo Ig / Spiga26 – The show of the infiorata in via della Spiga

flowered via della spiga-2


spectacle legendary Noto flower show della Spiga Milan

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