Simplified recruitment for support teachers and university training courses in view of access to the role: the opinion of the Education Commission on supports bis

The discussion of the amendments to the support decree bis has begun and in the next few days the political forces will vote. In the meantime, however, the VII Culture and Education Committee of the Chamber has expressed a favorable opinion on the articles of the decree concerning schools, expressing proposals for changes to the initial text.

Among the observations proposed by the commission, the one relating to recruitment of support teachers: “with reference to the measures for the quick call of teachers in schools, referred to in article 58, paragraph 2, letter b), it should be noted that, in consideration of the shortage of the staff of support teachers, it is necessary to provide for a more agile and simplified for their recruitment, in order to guarantee the presence of a specialized teacher who knows how to apply the most appropriate strategies for the full inclusion of pupils and pupils with disabilities;

Furthermore, “with reference to the extraordinary procedure referred to in Article 59, paragraphs 4 to 9, and in particular the provisions of paragraph 7, it is envisaged that the candidates, at the end of the annual initial training course and test, first face the pedagogical test – didactics assessed by a commission external to the school service institution and only after they are assessed by the school director pursuant to article 1, paragraph 117, of law no. 107“;

The opinion then focuses on the issue rejection of a competition and participation in the subsequent procedure. Here, according to the commission “Article 59, paragraph 13, deletes the second sentence, which provides that candidates who participate in a competition procedure and do not pass the relative tests cannot submit an application to participate in the subsequent competition procedure for the same class of competition or type of competition. place for which they have not passed the tests“;

To be highlighted in the favorable opinion of the Culture and Education Commission “with reference to article 58, paragraph 2, letter e), non-state schools and institutions that provide vocational education and training courses (IeFP) must be able to guarantee in the shortest possible time, qualification processes for their teachers“;

Furthermore, according to the Commission in the Chamber, “with reference to the provisions of the intervention line of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) regarding incoming and continuing training of school staff, it is necessary to provide, when fully operational, university and post-graduate courses that connect the initial training of teachers directly to the role access“.



Sostegni bis decree, what we know so far

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