Children forced to breathe the miasmas

Children forced to breathe the miasmas
Children forced to breathe the miasmas

A mountain of garbage, tons of garbage around the nerds that haven’t been collected for who knows how long. There are many areas of Rome that pour into this merciless condition, with unbearable miasma and mice feasting on scraps of food and old pizza boxes. So why take care of this one in particular, located in via Via Silvio Negro, in the district of Casal Bruciato? Because the pile of waste you see in the photo is located in front of a nursery garden. And children are forced to breathe – all day long – the air thick with the odors of garbage. It is not just about unpleasant smells: the parents of the babies who frequent the nest are afraid that the miasmas could be a danger to their health. “It’s disgusting, all of Rome is put up like this, but here there is not the slightest protection even for children“, denounces a mother to She is the one who took the photo in front of the school of the children, who every day have to breathe that unbearable air.” You can’t stay in the garden, the stench that comes from the street is suffocating ” .

Waste emergency, Raggi knocks on Cerroni’s door

The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi wants to reopen the Roncigliano landfill in Albano Laziale, owned by Manlio Cerroni, the man who built his fortune on the capital’s waste. But for ‘the king of rubbish’, there are no available cubes. On the contrary: there would be no authorizations either. “There are no volumes available. – explains Cerroni in an interview with la Repubblica – The Roncigliano site is linked to its mechanical biological treatment plant. There are not even authorizations for unsorted waste. There they can only dispose of the waste processed since Tmb. We need to make a broader speech at 360 degrees “. But ‘the Supreme’ relaunches with Malagrotta, saying that” There are about 250 thousand cubic meters immediately usable, capable of receiving at least 300 tons of Fos. “A solution that would obviously bring down on the war footed by the residents of the area, who have no intention of having to deal with a landfill again.


Children forced breathe miasmas

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