Variant nightmare, in Rome the Olimpico off-limits for English fans

Variant nightmare, in Rome the Olimpico off-limits for English fans
Variant nightmare, in Rome the Olimpico off-limits for English fans

Faced with the invasion of British and Ukrainian fans for the quarter-final of the European Championships at the Olimpico in Rome, the countermeasures are finally arriving to avert the risk of a health catastrophe.

Gb, variant nightmare. Italians and tourists who arrive must pay the do-it-yourself buffer: 174 euros. Mollicone (Fdi): “Discriminatory tax”

With the Delta variant causing the virus to gallop in the United Kingdom and after the political controversy at various levels, in the end UEFA had to block the sale of tickets at 21 yesterday (48 hours before the game) and cancel those sold in Gran Brittany from 28 June onwards. This is because, as per anti-Covid protocols and as Alessio D’Amato, Lazio’s councilor for health recalled, fans from abroad should have respected the five-day quarantine, in addition to undergoing two swabs.

The Farnesina also pointed out that no exceptions are allowed for the Olimpico challenge and the Rome Police Headquarters has announced more stringent anti-Covid controls at the entrance to the stadium. The measure concerns both English and Ukrainian fans, but the epidemiological situation across the Channel is above all worrying.

In fact, yesterday almost 28 thousand new cases were reported, a figure never so high since January. The number of hospitalizations is quite different from last winter, thanks to vaccines. Two days ago, the British government had already invited the English fans not to leave for Rome and Massimo Andreoni, infectious disease specialist at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic, did not mince words: “We should avoid that the English fans come here, without hypocrisy”.

And if checks in Italian railway stations and airports increase, Fiumicino in the first place, a tutorial also arrives from Great Britain to get around the restrictions. To publish it is the Sun, which advises fans to reach Rome by car after a flight to Nice or leaving directly from home and crossing the English Channel by ferry.
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Variant nightmare Rome Olimpico offlimits English fans

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