«Conte divided us, it will be difficult to recompose. Those who leave the M5S leave their posts »- Corriere.it

«Conte divided us, it will be difficult to recompose. Those who leave the M5S leave their posts »- Corriere.it
«Conte divided us, it will be difficult to recompose. Those who leave the M5S leave their posts »- Corriere.it

Vincenzo Spadafora, is the splitting of the Movement inevitable?
“I still hope for unity, but we have the responsibility to soon put an end to this clash with a definitive solution, to focus on the problems of citizens”.

Are Di Maio and Fico those “experienced mediators” you were looking for?

“Di Maio and Fico – replies the former Minister of Sport – are making every possible effort to recompose, however difficult it is”.

Why is Conte no longer the right person for the M5S?

«Conte was an excellent president, appreciated in Italy and abroad, he accompanied the country in the most difficult moment with prudence and wisdom. Being a political leader, however, is another job ».

Where did the former head of government go wrong?

“In these four months he has set the political plan wrong. He divided us by deciding to meet only a few, without a broad process of democratic participation of the base, but also of the group in the House. Not knowing what was happening only fueled confusion. ”

Isn’t it also Grillo’s responsibility for bringing the M5S to the edge of the ravine?

“Everyone has a share of responsibility. Conte’s closure has created many discontent, in a press conference he asked for a vote on a closed text that none of us had read. Is this how a political movement is built? ».

Why is there such a hurry to “get on Grillo’s cart”?

«When I arrived in the Movement, Grillo was even more central and more provocative, but my colleagues were peeling their hands. Today suddenly find out who he is? Does he become master when he closes to Conte and asks to respect the decision of the States General, but was it not when he blocked the vote to entrust the Movement to Conte? They are instrumental and ungenerous evaluations. If the M5S exists it is thanks to him and it is disheartening to reduce everything to “Grillo or Conte”. Does anyone intend to analyze the mistakes made by those who drove the M5s after Di Maio? ».

He’s mad at Crimi, right? But don’t you think that the return of Casaleggio and Rousseau, among other things unwelcome to many of you, is a blast from the past?

«Grillo specified that these are only two votes, but these details do not count. The point is perspective. I am tired of talking about the technical and legal side, let alone activists and voters ».

Will the founder agree to have Conte’s statute voted, as so many ask?

“I think it is the theme of the confrontation of these hours”.

The Contiani assess the distrust of Grillo, is it technically and politically possible?

“It would be right to criticize Grillo’s rough tones, it would be very wrong to discourage those who with soul and body made it possible for all of us to enter institutions and change the country”.

How many MPs would follow Conte?

«Already in the past, former presidents of the Council have thought that popularity was enough to found a party. It never went well. The parties born in Parliament have historically died with the elections. If it comes to a division it will not be an easy choice, also because those who leave should resign from their posts for decency ».

Outside Patuanelli, D’Incà, Todde, Chancellors?

“If they are commission presidents, ministers or undersecretaries it is because the M5S has expressed them. If there is no alternative, I hope that it will happen soon and without mutual accusations. The aim, for me, will be to find ourselves united in a coalition in the next elections, perhaps expanding the field instead of making war on us ».

Will Di Maio be the primus inter pares in Grillo’s new structure, or the number two in Conte’s party?

“In recent days Luigi has been the protagonist of important international meetings, he has dedicated the time he was able only to mend, as he has always done for the good of the M5S and the country”.

Conte-Grillo: the duel on the future of the M5S

And the president Fico?
“I have no idea. He was undoubtedly one of the main supporters of Conte’s project, I’m not ruling out anything ».

Will the Grillo Movement leave the Draghi government, perhaps to make Di Battista and others go back?

“At the moment there is only one movement, which is part of the majority and supports the government, although it is affecting its agenda less than I would like.”

What alliances will you seek for the Quirinale?

“In the search for maximum sharing, I think it is natural to start from the former Giallorossi majority”.

How much will the M5S be worth in the polls after the split?

«The life of the parties is made up of falls and rebirths, as Salvini and Meloni testify. We need a ruling class capable of interpreting the present and planning the future, because it is the project that wins, not the individual. Those who, like me, will remain in the M5S will have this exciting challenge ahead of them ».

Crossing in the desert?

“There are almost two years. By then the controversy will be behind us, we will be evaluated for the projects that we will put in place for Italy between now and 2050, even learning from our mistakes. We’ll see who has more yarn to weave ».

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