Comazzi in Sala: it is not administered by relying on hopes

“Sala hopes that citizens will calm down and return to using public transport.” A good mayor should know that it is not administered by relying on hopes: in this complicated phase the Municipality must guarantee full safety within the vehicles, as well as adequate measures to avoid dangerous gatherings’, says Gianluca Comazzi, municipal councilor and group leader of Forza Italia in Regional Council.

“First of all – continues the blue – introducing Area B and bringing the capacity of public transport back to 80% is a very bad initiative. Many people have expressed concern about the increased influx of people in metro convoys and trams; hindering private mobility means depriving many workers (including many commuters) of an alternative to public transport, with the risk of not guaranteeing the right safety conditions for passengers. I hope – he concludes – that Mayor Sala stops hoping for providence and takes concrete measures to protect everyone ”.

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Comazzi Sala administered relying hopes

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