Milan, “La Scala goes to the city”, free shows from the center to the suburbs

Milan, “La Scala goes to the city”, free shows from the center to the suburbs
Milan, “La Scala goes to the city”, free shows from the center to the suburbs

La Scala “dialogues” with the citizens: it goes out into the city, then opens its doors for free to the Milanese. From 11 to 14 July they are scheduled four days of concerts with the La Scala Philharmonic, Orchestra, Chorus and Corps de Ballet in fourteen places in Milan, in different districts, from the center to the suburbs: cloisters, squares, meeting places. And, on the last day, on the 14th, the appointment is at Piermarini. The review, “La Scala goes to the city”, organized with the Municipality of Milan as part of “La Bella estate”, is free, but it is necessary to book on the site of La Scala (it is possible from Saturday at 2 pm): the anticovid regulations allow the presence of approx 200 spectators per evening.

Two concerts are scheduled in the center: on July 12 with the Archi at the Brera Art Gallery and on July 13 with the Choir at the State University. In the north of the city, the choir concerts at the Salesian Don Bosco Institute, at Villa Simonetta on the 11th and at the Certosa di Milano on the 12th. The Orchestra with percussions will be at the Spirit de Milan on the 12th, with a repertoire suitable for the dance venue that includes Chick Corea and Astor Piazzolla. The concerts of the Archi will be at Villa Litta Modigliani and Villa Mirabello on the 13th. The ball shows at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi on the 11th and at the Teatro dei Martinitt on the 13th. South of the city the Ball will be at the Mysterious Baths on the 12th and the concerts of the Orchestra with the Archi at the Mulino di Chiaravalle and the Ottoni at Casa Jannacci on the 11th. The Jazz Trio will be at the Cortile di Chiesa Rossa on the 13th.

The programs are designed to introduce a new audience to the different faces and repertoires of the artistic ensembles of La Scala and from jazz to Vivaldi, from Rossini to Verdi, with a red thread: the tribute to Astor Piazzolla on the centenary of his birth. The Choir is presented in double formation (female choir and complete organic), and proposes a program that goes from Rachmaninov to spirituals, from Brahms to Richard Strauss. Il Ballo also presents a diversified proposal, which includes contemporary with choreographies by Kratz, Valastro, Lukács and Bigonzetti, but also classics such as Sylvia by Legris and Swan Lake by Nureyev.


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