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chaos and queues at airports –

chaos and queues at airports –
chaos and queues at airports –

QR codes of the negative results of the swabs that are not considered in acceptance, anti-Covid tests requested from a group of passengers, but not from others on the same flight, localization forms (Passenger locator form) filled in via the web for a country, but only on paper for another. Summer in Europe risks becoming an obstacle course and hours of queuing at the check-in counters for vacationers struggling with different entry requirements. International organizations representing airlines and airports denounce that there are among the 27 member countries of the European Union at least ten ways of verifying the same EU digital Covid certificate. Which, in addition to not helping in the take-off of the tourist season, risks bottling hundreds of thousands of people in the airports (what to know about the Green Pass and how to get it).

And the consequences can already be seen: yesonly for check-in the required times are increased by 500%, jumping to something like 12 minutes per person. «At current traffic values, still far from pre-Covid ones, passengers are losing on average an hour and a half more at the airport, that is double the usual ”, denounces Willie Walsh, number one of Iata, the global association that represents most of the carriers. When flows return to 75% of 2019 levels – estimates the IATA – the time required from entering the terminal to boarding can reach six hours, especially for health checks required at check-in counters or border controls. At the same volumes of 2019, however, eight hours would be reached.

For this reason Airlines for Europe, Airports Council International, European regions airline association and International air transport association have written to the heads of state and government of the Old Continent a four-page letter complaining about the lack of coordination and different approaches. “With the increase in passenger traffic in the coming weeks, the risk of chaos at European airports is real,” they warn.

From yesterday, the QR code on the mobile phone would be enough – released after double vaccination or the negative result of a tampon or being cured of Covid – to move freely within the EU. But this digital certification is not yet recognized by all countries. In some cases it cannot even be checked at the border or at check-in because reading devices are missing – even in several Italian airports as the Courier service – or why the test needs to be printed. Then there is the other problem: filling in the “Passenger locator form”. Italy is the only country to provide it in digital format, the other states provide a sheet of paper to be delivered during the flight to the on-board attendants (as on connections to France) or to show at check-in, what which increases the required times and queues.
For this reason the associations ask for the maximum digitization of the verification processes and to minimize inconvenience. Especially not to make customers lose their patience.

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