16-year-old murder, the investigating judge: “Unscrupulous killer, he could kill again”

16-year-old murder, the investigating judge: “Unscrupulous killer, he could kill again”
16-year-old murder, the investigating judge: “Unscrupulous killer, he could kill again”

The details that emerge about the death of Chiara Gualzetti make you shiver. The very young 16-year-old who committed the murder of his peer is considered a dangerous subject by the investigating judge, capable of killing again and for no reason. The outlines of Chiara Gualzetti’s crime are being defined but the scenario seems very clear to the investigators, especially as regards the psychological picture of the murderer.

Investigators describe it as a “young man who appears capable of understanding and willing“, which highlights”lack of scruples and inhibitory brakes“. So we read in the order with which the arrest of the 16-year-old, still in prison, was confirmed. The scenario described is very clear:”There is a precautionary need to avoid the commission of crimes of the same nature, given the lack of scruples, inhibitions, motivations and signs of resipiscence, which emerge from the tenor of the voice messages sent to a friend immediately after the facts“The investigating judge Luigi Martello had no doubts in drafting the order.

I voice messages acquired by the investigators are overwhelming evidence against the boy. In his words there would be the admission of the crime, made in a moment when he seemed to be correcting or, in any case, was in a moment of excitement. It was the recipient of the messages, the same age as the victim and the murderer, who informed the investigators of those messages. Together with her parents she went to the carabinieri to bring them proof of what her friend had said. The voice message is added to his bloodstained clothing and kitchen knife, cleaned and returned to its place in the kitchen log of his home.

For the investigating judge, therefore, in addition to a serious risk of escape by the boy, there are serious indications of guilt against him and, above all, “the inconsistency of the reasons and in any case the absence of reasons for contrasting with the victim“. In the order, the investigating judge explained that prison is the only measure currently possible for the minor, given”the extreme violence and determination demonstrated throughout the course ofaggression, which had a significant duration, and saw the young man repeatedly hit the victim with violence with stabs in the neck, chest and throat and finally hit him with kicks and above all the inability to self-control which makes the relevant danger particularly high. the risk of repetition of the offense“.


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