Reggio Calabria, 577 new “blue stripes”: from Saturday new paid parking lots in via Marina Alta (both sides) and other areas of the center [INFO e DETTAGLI]

Reggio Calabria, 577 new “blue stripes”: from Saturday new paid parking lots in via Marina Alta (both sides) and other areas of the center [INFO e DETTAGLI]
Reggio Calabria, 577 new “blue stripes”: from Saturday new paid parking lots in via Marina Alta (both sides) and other areas of the center [INFO e DETTAGLI]

Reggio Calabria, pedestrian area on the Lungomare Falcomatà: the note of Mariangela Cama

More parking, more shuttle buses, easier to move around the city center for free“. The Councilor for Mobility of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, Mariangela Cama, with a press release, announces with great fanfare the program which, from 3 July to 30 September neighbors should help citizens to move, from north to south and vice versa, limiting the use of the vehicle in view of the new pedestrian area decided by the Mayor for the via Marina alta. In collaboration with Atam, therefore, the launch of 100 free daily bus trips to and from the Libertà and Botteghelle terminals has been planned.

“It deals with – explains the delegate of the Falcomatà council – 52 trips (ordinary lines 27 and 28) every 30 minutes from 7 to 20 and another 4 buses, every 15 minutes, from 20 to 1: 30, for a total of a further 48 trips. It is a system designed to facilitate mobility throughout the day, favoring workers, tourists and users of the “Reggio nightlife” who will not have the obligation to travel with their own cars “.

To facilitate the use of public transport, therefore, several parking lots have been set up: “In addition to the traditional and free hubs of the Tempietto and the Port, there are the parking areas of Viale Zerbi in the north-south direction which can accommodate up to 50 cars, the Lido station square which will contain another 44, the municipal lido square (Rada dei giunchi ), on the other hand, with a further 123 seats. To these are added the 280 car parks of the area that extends between Via Missori and Corso Vittorio Emanuele between the Villa Comunale and via Giulia. Finally, 80 stalls are included in Via Aspromonte and Parco Canonico. In short, many possibilities included in an integrated framework of services that includes bike-sharing reactivated a few weeks ago and that of sharing scooters that will start very soon. In the center, therefore, you can get there and move with simplicity, naturalness and respect for the environment“.

“In short – adds the councilor Cama – we are facing a capillary reorganization, albeit temporary, of the mobility system in the center which represents an indispensable step in the experimentation of the pedestrian area established along Corso Matteotti. We are faced with something never seen before and, for this reason, the project is not static, but will remain an “open yard” to suggestions, proposals, possible solutions such as, for example, the establishment of other Ztl to meet the needs of residents . It is therefore a particularly delicate moment for each of us. Collaboration and understanding are needed. The economy, above all, necessarily needs new ideas and possibilities in order to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic. At the same time, it is a useful experiment to understand the actual potential of an area in relation to which we think we can start a process of gradual and constant pedestrianization “.

“We understand the possible inconveniences that every novelty, inevitably, is destined to bring with it – concluded Mariangela Cama – but we are sure that, once the change has been assimilated, anyone will be able to understand the benefits and opportunities of a territory cleared of the massive and intensive use of the car. We are therefore convinced that a city more on a human scale, driven by gentle and sustainable mobility, is now necessary also and above all in view of the ecological transition policies requested by the European Community. The great cooperation between the various sectors involved and the close collaboration with the councilors Paolo Brunetti and Irene Calabrò, in addition to the precious contribution of the president of the VI commission, Carmelo Versace, should also be emphasized. Personally and on behalf of the entire city, I finally thank the administrators and employees of the Castore company who worked day and night to adapt the places and the signs to the small-big urban revolution that has just begun ”.

In reality, however, it must be pointed out that of the 577 new parking spaces announced by the Municipality, only 280 are new parking spaces. Most of them, and precisely 297, are already parking but until Friday they are free, in white stripes. The new parking spaces are therefore only 280, i.e. those remedied in Via Marina Alta, in the section that precedes the pedestrian area (from the intersection with the Villa Comunale to the one with Via Giulia), where 280 new paid parking spaces will be established. . All the other 297 are not new car parks: they are already normal free and free car parks, which simply become paid to help the Municipality to make cash.

ATAM, here are the new regulated parking areas

ATAM announces the new regulated parking areas: “Following the recent changes to the road system and with the establishment of new pedestrian areas, which have affected the historic center, new regulated parking areas (blue stripes) have been identified by the municipal administration.
Some already in force from today and others that will be soon.

Below is the list:

Viale Zerbi (sea side lane in north / south direction): the stop is already active and will be active until 09/30/2021 from 7.30 to 24.00

Corso Matteotti (both sides in the section between Via Aspromonte and Via Giulia): the parking will be active from tomorrow to 30/09/2021 from 7.30 to 24.00

Via Rada Giunchi: activation in the next few days and until 30/09/2021 from 7.30 to 24.00

“Gianluca Canonico” Park: activation in the next few days and until 30/09/2021 from 7.30 to 19.30

Via Aspromonte: activation in the next few days and until 30/09/2021 from 7.30 to 19.30

We invite users who will find themselves parking in the areas indicated above to pay particular attention to horizontal and vertical signs, in order to avoid incurring penalties.

We also remember that in the stalls on the Viale Zerbi, Corso Matteotti e Via Giunchi, Resident parking permits will NOT be valid, as previously happened for the stalls of the Lungomare Falcomatà “.

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