Thus the chaos Grillo – Conte helps Salvini and Meloni win in Rome

Thus the chaos Grillo – Conte helps Salvini and Meloni win in Rome
Thus the chaos Grillo – Conte helps Salvini and Meloni win in Rome

It is somewhat surprising to connect the recent crisis of the Five Star Movement, with the bludgeoning at national level between Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte, to the time of tenure of the Avvocato degli Italiani as leader of the pentastellati: just enough to certify the immovability of Virginia Raggi as candidate in Rome, thus closing any prospect of candidacy for Nicola Zingaretti, the opening of Roberto Gualtieri’s electoral campaign and the sinking of the national operation wanted by Enrico Letta.

It must not have been a good investment for Conte, given that all the background leads us to think that the Raggi, suitably kept away from direct involvement, today may well be qualified as a national executive at Grillo, loyal to Rousseau: “I hear both, Grillo and Conte ”, said Virginia, positioning herself well in the center of the internal grid.

Meanwhile, the latest video of the Ligurian comedian seems to tone down, even if the pax between the two columns seems far from being signed and two new political parties seem ready to come into the world, while the latest polls return a definite picture: the forces of the center-right travel around 45% of the consensus at the national level, a situation that does not seem different from that of the Roman scenario.

Yes, because the national divisions between Conte and Grillo, in a context in which Enrico Letta’s PD inherits the Zingaretti – Bettini line on the organic alliance at all levels with the Five Star Movement, cannot fail to become an assist to the right. In the capital, the conservative front plays the game of life, trying to demonstrate that the strength of its roots and of its own lists – Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni and Lega by Matteo Salvini above all – is able to compete for the Capitol with traditional parties of the center-left, even with a candidate chosen in a somewhat daring way.

Enrico Michetti is competitive precisely because he is followed by politicians who have something to prove and who want to prove that they have worked in the territories in five years of opposition to the Rays junta. While the M5S is divided and the PD has not dissolved the option on who to support in case of staying out of the ballot (“I’ll go to the ballot”, Gualtieri replied evasively) to gain height in the chaotic situation are the forces that always have bombed the M5S and its ambiguities: the center-right first of all and, to follow, Carlo Calenda, who has already announced the “mobilization” against the Rays junta and its waste management.


chaos Grillo Conte helps Salvini Meloni win Rome

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