Capitol, four councilors leave the M5S. The mayor without a majority in the classroom-

Capitol, four councilors leave the M5S. The mayor without a majority in the classroom-
Capitol, four councilors leave the M5S. The mayor without a majority in the classroom-

Four Capitoline councilors M5s – including a prominent exponent, the current president of the Transport Commission – leave the Movement and the mayor Virginia Raggi finds herself without a majority in the courtroom. The announcement was made by the pentastellata councilor Donatella Iorio during the intervention in the Assembly: I have just registered my request to leave the M5S. I also unsubscribed from the Movement, she said. To resign, in addition to her, Marco Terranova, Angelo Sturni and, in fact, Enrico Stefno, opponent of the mayor since the time – exactly one year ago – of his reappointment in view of a possible encore. The 4 councilors announced the birth of a new group: Il piano di Roma, the same as the Facebook page open, if not in opposition, as a dialectical alternative to the now former fellow travelers with whom they have shared a long journey since the days of meetup. The head of the Mobilit commission often found himself in conflict with the mayor and has never made any secret of his heterodox positions with respect to the top line: among the latest episodes, the clash on the new road network in the San Giovanni area, between via Taranto and via Monza / Aosta, with the first town that, prompted by the protests of the residents, came to question the intervention by promising a revision (not yet received). Stefano defended himself by claiming that Raggi had never had anything to object to, except to say that he was ready to undo everything, ignoring the work of the technicians and offices involved.

Stefno’s comment was entrusted to a statement to Ansa. Ours are not electoral arguments. a path that began a year ago. We felt we were distancing ourselves from a way of doing things that exasperated us. Did I speak to the mayor? No. quite complicated to talk to Raggi. It hasn’t been possible for centuries …. According to Stefano, the timing, coinciding with the break between Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte, should not give rise to conjecture. Ours was a path that started some time ago … The outcome would inevitably have been this. And yet, to confirm that the choice is also affected by the climate of confusion at the national level due to the bitter confrontation between Giuseppe Conte and Beppe Grillo, the councilor Donatella Iorio: We have always maintained that we wanted a broader front with the city at the center and we have never found ourselves in tune with an election campaign propaganda climate. With respect to the national framework we are mere spectators, but our position is very similar to Conte’s proposals, which we then know did not come true in Rome. Although the umpteenth tear, which is added to that of Marcello De Vito who passed in the ranks of FI, further weakens the already precarious M5S majority in the Capitol, the exiles say they are ready to evaluate measure by measure and vote on the acts necessary for the city (in short program the vote on a budget change). The sense that they will not be in the opposition – at the end of August the council could expire with the calling of the elections – but that the free minutes will still be held: an unknown factor that, for the moment, neither the mayor nor its majority, clearly reduced, seem to fear.

The reaction from the opposition was immediate. With the creation of a new group of four councilors who have escaped from the 5 Stars, there is no longer the slightest possibility for Raggi to have the numbers in the Council. In the meantime, the city invaded by waste and the municipal companies in crisis with demonstrations of workers at risk of wages. What else is waiting for the Rays to resign? We reiterate that the no-confidence motion is ready and we ask the other opposition groups to express their willingness to sign and vote for it, said the representatives of the Brothers of Italy, Andrea De Priamo, group leader in the Campidoglio, and the municipal councilors Francesco Figliomeni, Lavinia Mennuni and Rachele Mussolini from the “With Giorgia” list.

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