M5S towards the split and the Democratic Party is afraid of losing everything – Time

M5S towards the split and the Democratic Party is afraid of losing everything – Time
M5S towards the split and the Democratic Party is afraid of losing everything – Time

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01 July 2021

And now what happens in the Democratic Party? The clash between Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte opens up perilous scenarios in the center-left. The most logical is that we move towards a new split in the Movement, with the “contiani” ready to follow the former premier into a new party, and the hard and pure on the side of the comic towards a reconstruction of the Movement very similar to that of the origins . Time has made a round of calls among the dem, to understand what is the mood, the prevailing atmosphere. And there is a watchword, in the official declarations, that is “respect” for what happens among the pentastellati. As for the hypothesis of an alliance, then (the dossier was already complicated before, let alone now) it’s all a “wait and see”.

Matteo Orfini, deputy, argues: “There are unresolved issues on the identity of the Movement and internal procedures” and what is happening “can certainly serve to clarify”. On the confrontation around an alliance between the dem and the pentastellati, Orfini explains: «I have never considered Conte a point of reference. First we need to think about strengthening the party and then about alliances ». His colleague Andrea Romano, for his part, observes: “I think this is not the time to speculate or to rejoice.” And again: “What happens must be looked at with respect, and must be a further reason to focus on the Democratic Party.”

On the Senate side, the former holder of Education Valeria Fedeli explains: “The path of the 5 Star Movement has evidently not led to its maturation but to a laceration, and this frankly is not good for the country”. As for the alliances, “I have always relaunched, and not from today, the majority vocation of the PD, if anything, agreements must be made on the contents”. But, could the current clash have repercussions on the government? «I am not worried about the solidity of the Executive – explains Fedeli There are ministers of the 5 Star Movement who are strongly committed to the action of this government. I don’t see risks in the Draghi agenda, because there is broad support ». Returning to the Chamber, the deputy Patrizia Prestipino puts it on irony. «I have a question for Grillo: before Conte had extraordinary abilities, today he says exactly the opposite. So, who is Conte? Doctor Jeckyll and Mr Hide? ‘ Then he explains: «In the Movement there is a climate of tangible tension, we can see the fracture between those who are with Grillo and those with the former Prime Minister. But the Democratic Party must not be at all involved in the eventual debris of the Movement, but must continue to lead the reformist area ”.

Still from Montecitorio, Chiara Gribaudo notes the sense of the general risk due to the worst outcome of the diatribe: “The sudden and hardly understandable collapse of a movement that has garnered millions of votes would make Italians’ confidence in politics even decrease even more”. With regard to the perspective of a possible structural alliance, “we will continue to work to reconstruct a model of a broad, inclusive center-left, clearly alternative to the right of Salvini and Meloni”.

So far, therefore, the manifestations of tranquility. Dutiful, but they find a different plan than a certain apprehension that would envelop, according to rumors, the secretary Enrico Letta. A possible separation, with the birth of Conte’s party, in fact, would have evident destabilizing effects for the area. Grillo’s party is unlikely to maintain support for the Draghi government. And then there is the other theme. A party of the former Prime Minister would act as a competitor in the center-left area, considering that, at the time of the secret Zingaretti do, there were precisely those who saw in Giuseppe Conte the possible helmsman of a new olive tree, a renewed version (with all the differences of the case) by Romano Prodi. However, if the Apulian lawyer were to sign up for a new political project (perhaps ready to make a mass gathering parliamentarians even in the mixed, in addition to the grillini who would follow him), everything would be more complicated for the Nazarene.

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