Milan, Calenda on Grillo and Conte: “Of the runaways who must disappear”

“I think no one can believe that the seventh industrialized power in the world was and is in part at the mercy of these runaways. I don’t think it is even more than right, dignified to see the discussion between Grillo and Conte in the newspapers”. Action leader Carlo Calenda said on the sidelines of the meeting “Milan-Rome: city at high speed” organized by “The reformists – let’s work for Milan with Beppe Sala”, also presented Mayor Sala in Milan.

“I think they should simply disappear, go back to doing the jobs they did before. It is now almost ten years that they have poured insults, claims of honesty on everyone, betraying all their principles. – he added speaking of the 5-star Movement -. And we are still here and there is still someone who dares to call them natural allies. But what are we talking about? Let’s get rid of these fools. “

M5s, Calenda: “Grillo and Conte indecent, disappear and go back to doing what they did before”

“Rome and Milan are the two most important Italian cities and must work together – added Calenda, who is a candidate for mayor of the capital -. I feel a great harmony, a strong thread between Milan and Rome between what Sala is doing and what which I am trying to do. I am sure that we will collaborate as mayors, giving each other a hand “.

Milan, Carlo Calenda: “Let’s open the house of the North for us reformists”

by Andrea Montanari

June 30, 2021

“I came to Milan to support Sala – he added – with great pleasure and esteem. He also has a history similar to mine, he comes from the private sector and then he decided to devote himself to politics”. “I am here to support a reformist list of capable people, Giulia Pastorella will be for us the spearhead of the list” continued Calenda explaining that “Today there is a need to give representation to reformism. This culture, which has its home in Milan, today has little representation because the Democratic Party is very crushed to the left. The M5s star is crushed on its explosion and Forza Italia, which should be heir to the liberal and popular tradition, is ready to be absorbed by Salvini, so there is a space enormous representation “.

“In order for our country to function well, Rome must also function well – said the mayor of Milan -. I’m certainly not here to even seek an equalization between Milan and Rome, on the contrary, at this moment Rome is more important for our country. , and I say this as the mayor of Milan.

“I not only cheer for Rome to make a qualitative leap but for it to do so with the help of Milan and I hope that a new phase of collaboration between Milan and Rome can open up. – he added – I think it is more difficult to be the mayor of Rome than Milan, because Milan has made some passages that Rome still has to make. In addition, Rome is a much larger and more dispersed city. But it is clear that the good future of Italy depends on how Rome goes. Milan never has I wanted to be a city-state. I said that we would like to feel like a world city in relation to the others “.

“I am a friend of Calenda – concluded Sala, in the difference between me and him, I still consider him an important soul and I understood from the beginning his will to apply and his testimony also of an idea how Rome should be recovered, and I’m talking about services “.

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