Environmental protection in schools: Italy wins first, second and third place, out of 157 ENO countries

ENO – ENO is a global network of schools of all levels, a community for sustainable development that involves over 157 countries and is based on the voluntary service of all its members. Founded in 2000, it is centrally coordinated by the ENO Program Association, based in Finland. The founder and executive director of this association is Mika Vanhanen who in 2021 was replaced “pro tempore”, for one year, by Kaija Saramaki.

In Finland, last year, Anna Maria De Luca, head teacher of the comprehensive school in Fuscaldo (Cosenza) was appointed national coordinator for Italy, who took over from Professor Linda Giannini who opened the network in Italy in 2000. The participation of schools is free of charge. All teachers and school managers who are committed to carrying out ENO in their schools do so in the name of the pure and profound conviction that only with an education in respect of the environment is it possible to guarantee a future for humanity.

The project in which Italy was the winner is called ENOArt and focuses on endangered animals. In the midst of the pandemic, ENO schools felt they were working in one direction: while we face a serious virus attack, we have almost forgotten that we are still experiencing a huge biodiversity crisis. According to recent estimates, extinction threatens up to one million plant and animal species, mainly due to deforestation, hunting, the spread of invasive species and trade-related diseases, as well as pollution and climate change. We have to wake up. We are not alone and just being human does not give us the right to threaten others. This is why ENO dedicated the project to all endangered and vulnerable beings on our planet Earth.

The ranking:
CATEGORY A – Childhood

1 ° – a4 – “Le Badie” kindergarten class B – ITALY
2 ° – la2 – 2CD “E.De Filippo” – ITALY
3 ° – a5 – Childhood Kite – ITALY
4 ° -a6 – Asilo Tuupovaara -FINLANDIA
5th – a8 – Kindergarten Grodno 35 -BELARUS

CATEGORY B – Primary
2 ° – b25 – “Kiril Pejcinovikj” elementary school – NORTH MACEDONIA
3 ° – b48 – State Institute of Education “Secondary School n. 12 of Grodno – BELARUS
4 ° – b39 – Jože Moškrič Primary School, SLOVENIA
5 ° – b73 – OŠ Dragotina Ketteja Novo Mesto – SLOVENIA

CATEGORY C – Secondary of I and II degree
1st- c20 – Educational institute “Grodno State Electrotechnical College named after Ivan Schastny” – BELARUS
2 ° -c22 – JU Srednja ekonomsko-ugostiteljska škola – MONTENEGRO
3 ° -c29 – Primary school of special education OŠ Milke Šobar – Nataše – SLOVENIA
4 ° -c18 – Liceo San Francesco – PAKISTAN
5 ° -c8 – Centro Biotehniški Naklo – SLOVENIA

The ENO network is made up of the following bodies:
• ENO Advisory Board: the ENO board of directors is based in Finland and is responsible for guiding and developing the activities that are carried out all over the world, that is, it proposes concrete actions such as comparison, research, sharing, planting and care of seeds, plants, trees, creation of vegetable gardens, respect for nature, separate collection, recycling of materials, outdoor theme days, bicycle rides, creation of vegetable gardens, participation in competitions involving the artistic reuse of waste materials,… .;
• ENO Academic Board: the ENO Academic Board is responsible for strengthening and deepening the pedagogical and scientific dimension of the project;
• ENO Green Cities Network: established in 2012 http://greencities.enoprogramme.org is a Network committed to assisting schools in some countries in planting activities in order to make cities greener;
• ENO International Council: established in 2015, it is based on national ENO coordinators who, assisted by national ENO (regional) teams, also lend their work free of charge and have the task, each in their own country, of assisting those who adhere to ENO activities, recommending strategic activities of the ENO network that are identified each year by the ENO Advisory Board and the ENO Academic Board.

“Our warmest congratulations to all the Italian ENO schools and to the families who have participated in our global initiatives, giving a creative response that looks to the future despite the delicate period we are all experiencing”.


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