“not only are they infected, but they also have symptoms”

“not only are they infected, but they also have symptoms”
“not only are they infected, but they also have symptoms”

I’m 1.559 people who, in the only South Tyrol, tested positive for Covid-19 after they have been vaccinated, with one or two doses. The figure, ascertained as of June 16, was reported this morning by the provincial councilor for health, Thomas Widmann, responding in the provincial council to a question by Josef Unterholzner (Enzian) based on the report of “cases of positive tests for coronavirus after vaccination, which involved many people, of all ages, even after the recall, and with a course not without symptoms“. Widmann reported that they do not yet have detailed data in relation to vaccination with one or two doses.

In South Tyrol, out of 532,644 residents, about 265,000 (exactly 50%) received at least the first dose of the vaccine, of which about 30% completed the entire vaccination cycle.

Overall in South Tyrol, from 1 April to 16 June were positive 4,329 people. It means that in the last quarter, 36% of the positives were vaccinated. The vaccinated, therefore, do not have a significant percentage increase in immunity compared to the unvaccinated.

Experts try to reassure with respect to an objectively worrying data on the real effectiveness of vaccines, specifying that among the vaccinated there are no hospitalized in serious conditions. But from June 27th, so now for 4 consecutive days, in the whole province there is not even a positive Covid patient admitted to intensive care, while in general medicine wards there are only 5 hospitalized for the whole province, all in minor conditions. At this moment, therefore, there are no Covid patients as much among the vaccinated as among the unvaccinated. The virus is not circulating in the area, the contagion has disappeared and the hospitals are empty. Saying that the vaccinated are not hospitalized means nothing at a time of the pandemic when not even the unvaccinated are hospitalized.


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