Acciaierie d’Italia challenges the decree that denied the extension for the compliance with the coking plant. But the Tar says no to the suspension

Steelworks of Italy ha challenged in front of Tar of Lazio, but unsuccessfully, the decree with which the Ministry of Ecological Transition had for the first time denied the request for an extension for the conclusion of the obligations for the environmental requirements relating to battery 12 of the coking plant of theex Ilva. The court with a single decree has rejected the urgent precautionary suspension requested by the group rented by ArcelorMittal, which is now again participated by the state. The president of the second section bis has set a hearing on July 20 next for the collegial assessment of the appeal in the council chamber. And he passed the ball back to the ministry of Roberto Cingolani which will now have to comment on the request for a review of the decree.

According to the company the term for stop battery # 12 (10 days from today 1st July) it was “incongruo” compared to the timing actually required for the intervention. The TAR held that “the conditions for the acceptance of the application for the purpose of suspending the deadline of 30 June 2021 are not recognizable”. For the discontinuation of battery n. 12 from today 1st July, to be concluded, according to the decree, within 10 days, the TAR believes “that it must in any case safeguard as a priority the requirement that compliance with the indicated 10-day term does negative consequences for the environment and for the correct management and operation of the plant “.

“The Administration, without considering (or asking Acciaierie d’Italia) what time it actually takes to stop insecurity of battery 12, dictates a deadline illogical, which was not even discussed at the conference of services “, argued the company in its appeal to the TAR before the administrative judges, stating that the safe stop of battery 12” cannot take place before about 60 days“. This is because to stop coil 12 it is necessary to “design, supply and install a new connection to send the vapors to the Coke gas pipe of batteries 9-10”, explained Acciaierie d’Italia. “Hence the illogicality of imposing a deadline for stopping the battery 12 not actually reachable at the level of practical intervention and therefore the illegality of the measures based on this imposition” he argued. But the TAR has ordered that there will not be no urgent precautionary suspension environmental requirements, with the ministry having to rule again on the matter.

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