four councilors leave the 5 Star Movement

four councilors leave the 5 Star Movement
four councilors leave the 5 Star Movement

The four ‘rebel’ Capitoline councilors leave the 5 Star Movement: Enrico Stephan, Donatella Iorio, Marco Terranova e Angelo Sturni formalized their decision at the opening of the Rome city council. The mayor Virginia Raggi he thus definitively lost the majority in the Capitoline assembly. The four former 5-star directors have formalized the birth of a new group. The session has now been suspended and the group leader has been called. Now Virginia Raggi seriously risks not being able to complete her mandate.

Stefàno: “I don’t like rhetoric of ‘everything is fine'”

Sturni, Stefàno, Terranova and Iorio have always distanced themselves from the re-nomination of the mayor Raggi and for this they had formed a group called ‘Il Piano di Roma’. “For me this is a special day: exactly 8 years ago I sat for the first time in this extraordinary classroom. I join the ‘Piano di Roma’ and I leave the M5s, without any regrets. I have always been a critical but loyal voice, instead the Movement has taken a drift in the last period: I do not like the rhetoric of ‘everything is fine’ and ‘if it does not go well it is always someone else’s fault: the Region, the hole in the budgets, the Mafia, the department, the offices , the communication group that got the post wrong … I think that those who hold some roles should every now and then take responsibility and feed a healthy internal and external debate towards the city. But all this has not happened “, Enrico Stefàno declared on Facebook. , who then added: “Some crucial issues were dealt with in an administrative manner: I am thinking of the Recovery Fund or how Raggi reappeared. Priority was given to likes instead of merit and skills and roles where s i do politics, like commissions. Finally, the classroom was treated as a place for paper passers. Personally I remember that I will not be in the next election. I therefore have no other purpose “.

The problems of the 5 Stars nationwide

The decision of the ‘rebels’ may have matured in unsuspected times, but it was certainly formalized just when the 5 Star Movement is going through one of the most difficult months in its history. Beppe Grillo, the founder, and Giuseppe Conte, the former Prime Minister and aspiring leader, are at loggerheads and the Movement is seriously in danger of splitting. Virginia Raggi, among other things, has always said she appreciates both, but a possible split could also change the cards on the table regarding the support of the mayor’s candidacy.


councilors leave Star Movement

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