Italia dei Valori, revitalization project presented to the Senate. There are also the ex-M5s Trenta, Lannutti and Aiello

L’Italy of Values, the party founded in 1998 by Antonio Di Pietro, returns to Parliament with a relaunch project presented at a press conference in the Senate. The goal is not this legislature but the upcoming policies of 2023. Will the seagull fly again? “The thing was already in the air since last February, when the Five Stars who no longer shared Grillo’s party line had attempted a first rapprochement”, he replies Sergio Scicchitano, who has always been a lawyer for Di Pietro and the Italia dei Valori Party. “We don’t look so much at this legislature – the lawyer explains – the horizon is that of the 2023 policies, with the aim of bring legality back to the center of attention and political action“. “Today the focus on the issues of legality, which has always been fertile ground around which the IDV has built all its policies, has lowered. Yet the huge amount of economic resources of the Recovery Fund makes it more necessary than ever to relaunch the culture of legality, in support of the healthy economy and the defense of employment. Only in this way can crime be prevented from taking over ”, adds the lawyer Scicchitano, hoping that Italia dei Valori will return to the political scene together with those of the Five Stars who do not share Grillo’s party line. The former M5s senator was also present at the press conference, Elio Lannutti. ”Will IDV have the M5S as interlocutor? It’s hard to say, it’s still to be seen ”. Together with him two other exiles from the Movement, Piera Aiello ed Elizabeth Trenta. “Idv has no statute problems and we have given our contribution, suggesting small changes – explains Trenta -. Italy of values ​​has an organization that the M5s was looking for and, however, they did not want to give. Here it is already there and we will make it an element of strength. In the M5S we also suffered from the lack of organization, because only that, when you become a party capable of doing things, allows you to do things “

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