Rome cannot afford another round of madmen

Thursday 1 July 2021 – 18:17

Calenda: Rome cannot afford another round of madmen

“You cannot govern alone”

Rome, 1 July (askanews) – “We need to understand in depth if there is consistency in what you see because Rome cannot afford another crazy round at the wheel”. The leader of Action and candidate for mayor of Rome Carlo Calenda explained, speaking at a Confcommercio Rome conference that, in case of victory, “my council will not be like those made by saying ‘it takes a young woman, a young man, a elderly ‘. I will put people who have worked all their lives, with vast experience and important positions ”. The young people, Calenda stressed, “will join the municipal councilors, then the municipal ones and then they will join the council”. Rome, according to Calenda “cannot be governed alone. On the contrary: one of the problems of the 5S was to believe that the more one was closed in the Capitol the less one was influenced by the city. But the city, contrary to what the grillini thought, lives and knows perfectly well what it needs ”, he concluded.


Rome afford madmen

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