Roma Fotografia, festival explores freedom in 7 months – Lazio

Roma Fotografia, festival explores freedom in 7 months – Lazio
Roma Fotografia, festival explores freedom in 7 months – Lazio

Extended edition, exhibitions from Garrubba to Settani and Del Castillo

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 01 – The rediscovery of the freedoms that had been taken for granted, those conquered or to be regained.

Roma Fotografia 2021 explores the meaning of Freedom, after the restrictions of the pandemic, and reformulates the idea of ​​a festival in a path that unfolds in 7 months – normally the duration is a month and a half – until December 2021. “But maybe we will extend it to January 2022. In a moment of cultural regeneration we wanted to displace and try to see what happens by reformulating the festival in a very long time in which if you lose an exhibition you can see another. A new idea of ​​festival because Rome it needs and desires culture “, organizer Maria Cristina Valeri of Roma Fotografia tells ANSA.

A real challenge for the festival, organized by the Roma Fotografia association, which among international calls, talks in the evocative scenery of the Latin Walls, video installations at Palazzo Merulana, workshops and exhibitions allows us to discover many unpublished works by Caio Mario Garrubba “FREElance on the road ‘and then Pino Settani’s “Viaggi nel Quotidiano – from cinema to reality 1966-2005”, as well as exhibitions by Luciano Del Castillo with his’ Hotel Habana Libre’ and Umberto Stefanelli with ‘Il tempo suspended’.

A special section of the international call Freedom enhances ‘The gaze of women’ and their interpretation of a complex and nuanced theme such as freedom to which the “Female Photography Bresciani Visual Art” Award is dedicated.

“We had an explosion of participation and so we decided to extend this part of the call, which expired on June 30, until the end of July. The projects are beautiful, of the highest level. The world of women has something more to say. on the theme of freedom that is perceived differently than men “explains Maria Cristina Valeri. The national call ‘Contact’ is addressed to young people under 35, which aims to identify ten talents who will carry out a training course at Istituto Luce – Cinecittà, in collaboration with the TWM Factory Cultural Association, in an intergenerational dialogue that will it will conclude with a major exhibition in November at the Wegil. (HANDLE).


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Roma Fotografia festival explores freedom months Lazio

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