Murder Chiara, Gip: 16-year-old guilty confessed capable of understanding and willing | Check the video of the hug between the two

The danger of escape and misdirection

According to the judge for the preliminary investigations, the arrest must also be validated since there is a danger of escape. And this not only because of the gravity of the fact, but above all because the suspect initially tried to sidetrack, denying any responsibility, saying that the girl had a subsequent appointment with another young woman, hiding her clothes, washing her blood-stained shoes and the knife, deleting images and messages from the cell phone. The sixteen-year-old then decided to admit that he had killed his friend only in the face of elements of accusation “of exceptional relevance”. The personality “inclined to follow his own emotional impulses” also counts in the decision.

Extreme violence and inability to self-control “Extreme violence and determination” and above all “inability to self-control”. According to the Bologna investigating judge, these are the two elements that make the risk of reiteration of the crime particularly high for the sixteen-year-old. The judge underlines the inconsistency of the reasons for the gesture and in any case the absence of reasons for contrasting with the victim. He speaks of “extreme violence and determination demonstrated throughout the course of the attack, which had a significant duration and saw the young man repeatedly hit the victim with stabs in the neck, chest and throat and finally hit him with kicks”.

In a video the hug between the two friends A video shows Chiara Gualzetti and her friend embracing, in front of the home of the sixteen year old from Monteveglio, on Sunday morning. These are the images, taken by a surveillance camera, which show the meeting between the two very young. At a certain point the girl runs towards the gate of the house, probably to tell her parents that she will be back soon and then leaves the frame, starting with her friend, who then less than a kilometer up, towards the hill, would have murdered her. with a series of stabs, leaving the body on a bush.

The visits to the psychologist and the appointment with the psychiatrist According to what emerged from the investigation, the young man was followed by a psychologist, who had advised his parents to take him to a psychiatrist. In the last period the boy had in fact manifested signs of unease that had led the family to have him followed by a specialist, who in turn, after having met him three times, had suggested that he consult a doctor. The 16-year-old, among other things, often used red contact lenses, as if he wanted to identify himself with a character from a TV series, Lucifer, to whom he also mentioned in the interrogations, during which he told of a “demonic presence” that pushed to violence. A preponderant element in the confession of the magistrate of the juvenile court, combined with the fact that he said he was annoyed by the advances of the young friend. Furthermore, he would also have said that Chiara had expressed the desire to die and that he would have satisfied her.

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