Malika: a Mercedes and a 2,500 euro dog bought with solidarity money

Malika: a Mercedes and a 2,500 euro dog bought with solidarity money
Malika: a Mercedes and a 2,500 euro dog bought with solidarity money

Not just one Mercedes but also a cane from 2,500 euros. After the luxury car emerge for Malika Chalhy new unnecessary expenses emerge with the money from the fundraisers taken after she was kicked out of the house by her parents in recent months because lesbian. “I’m 22 and I wanted to take a whim, I bought myself a nice car, I could have bought a small car and I didn’t”. An interview with Wild Lucarelli for TPI (The Post Internazionale) in which the girl from Castelfiorentino candidly admitted that she had bought a Mercedes. “I rented the house in Milan, we gave a year’s rent plus a two thousand euro deposit. Then I paid a dentist, a lawyer , I bought some clothes. I had nothing, it was all left at my parents’ house. Now I had expenses for the car, “Malika said, explaining that the purchase cost her around 17 thousand euros.

The bulldog

“Malika? I didn’t recognize her when she came to the kennel, but then I understood. He bought the dog more expensive“. This was revealed by Simone, owner of a breeding farm in Firenzuola, province of Florence, who in May sold a French Bulldog to Malika, “They are not dogs for all budgets, here we sell the best. He spent 2.470 euro, she paid with two bank transfers, one on May 15 and the other on 21 “. Simone confesses that he was amazed when he found out who Malika was because he remembers her with one Mercedes brand new and, above all, because when the dog had minor health problems a short time later, Malika didn’t want to put him in contact with his vet. “He demanded a strange reserve, it was as if I shouldn’t have existed.”

Go back

In recent days the girl had claimed that the car belonged to her girlfriend, then she retracted and apologized: “Yes I said one lie. I’m sorry. I was asked that I was under pressure. I have lived through everything in these months, I was thrown out of the house, I have the assets seized, do you have any idea? For me, this is a wrong way of doing journalism. “Later, her parents had also removed her residence by changing the lock of the house, thus preventing her from being able to collect her clothes and things. Samir, in an interview with Hyenas, had stated that the mother and father had applied for a refusal. The same brother, however, had also told of having invited her to go and live with him, adding: “He does everything for money”. Then we talk about the two fundraisers and the destination of the money of the main one, arrived at 140mila euros. Malika had announced that he wanted to donate the money to charity but has not yet done so.

Not only Mercedes, Malika also bought a 2,500 euro dog with the funds raised: “It’s a basic necessity”

Who is it

Malika Chalny she had complained that she had been “thrown out of her home by her family because she was a lesbian”. Her parents, after coming out, would have told her: «If you come back let’s kill, better 50 years in prison than a lesbian daughter. “His story had led the Prosecutor of Florence to open a‘investigation, then a solidarity contest was launched to support her after the expulsion from her family. Malika thanked on Facebook: “Thank you. For a word, a gesture, a virtual hug. I read you all, but you are really many. I carry on this battle with courage, for the kids who are going through what I went through and I am going through, for the children of the future, for what matters in life … love. I only ask you not to show hatred, offenses and bad words towards my “parents”, even though they are also understandable. I embrace you all. ”After being forced to leave Tuscany, Malika now lives in Milano.

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