“They wanted to establish a new world order”

“They wanted to establish a new world order”
“They wanted to establish a new world order”

Four Italian citizens, university students and with ‘good families’ behind them, were arrested by the Police of Milan following an investigation that made it possible to identify a clandestine organization called Revolutionary vanguard composed of very young people who, inspired by American supremacist groups, pursued the establishment of a new world order of a Nazi-fascist matrix, inciting discrimination and violence for racial, ethnic and national reasons. Their idols were far-right terrorists but theirs was not just ‘a platonic love’, but an ambition towards a goal to be achieved.

According to what was reconstructed by the investigations, the four young men (all men, two born in 2000 and two in 2001) were also planning to expand the members of the group by “proselytizing” among the circles of the far right. They also planned a series of actions, such as a violent “beating on a man of foreign origin and Muslim religion” to be hit with clubs and sticks to “create chaos” and lead to the “regeneration of a dictatorship”.

The clandestine group, while preparing the beating, had also given itself some rules: the person should not be killed but violently beaten, the man should not be insulted for the color of his skin and the action should not be claimed, because he had to understand who was acting in that way, precisely to create confusion with this and other similar violence.

The 20-year-olds who wanted to establish a new Nazi-Fascist world order

The house arrest was notified to the suspects by the Digos agents of the Milan Police Headquarters, coordinated by the head of the district anti-terrorism section of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office Alberto Nobili and by Enrico Pavone. According to the accusations, the young people arrested incited discrimination and violence for racial, ethnic and national reasons: significant in this regard, the choice of using as battle names that of terrorists who have become icons of reference of the neo-Nazi galaxy such as, for example, that of Anders Breivik, responsible for the Utoya massacre in July 2011.

The group, which had planned violent actions and planned intimidating actions to recover money, had also tried to broaden its range of action through direct relations with other far-right organizations, such as the Swiss association Junge Tat which a suspect had visited in May. , remaining involved in the aggression organized by anti-fascist movements against the Swiss exponents.


wanted establish world order

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