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July 1, 2021
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Falling temperatures in the coming days

BACK THE AFRICAN ANTICYCLONE – After having dominated the meteorological evolution of the third decade of June, feeding a long phase marked by milky skies and maximum temperatures up to 45/46 ° C in Sicily, 42/44 ° C in Calabria e 40/41 ° C in the Tavoliere delle Puglie, the subtropical anticyclone finally shows the first signs of weakening over southern Italy. In the next few hours the torrid air masses of Algerian origin – accompanied by large concentrations of desert dust in suspension – will leave room for the entry of temperate currents from the northwestern quadrants, harbingers of a significant thermal drop.

LOTS OF SUN, BUT ALSO A FEW DAYTIME DISORDER – In the next few hours the oppressive Saharan cape will give way to meteorological conditions more similar to the Mediterranean summer. After a phase characterized by gray skies and the typical milky appearance, the sun will shine again in Sicily; on the peninsular regions the clear skies will alternate with the transit of sterile high and stratiform cloudiness and the formation of local low cloud banks over the Tyrrhenian Sea, with particular reference to the Calabrian coast. The usual summer cumulogenesis on the Apennines will also be reactivated between Friday 2 and Saturday 3, with the opportunity to short and isolated afternoon showers over central-western Molise, northern Basilicata, Materano and Monti della Daunia.

Maximum temperatures on Friday

EXTREME HOT AT THE END – The entry of the Poniente and Mistral winds will favor a general thermal drop, decreeing – at least for a few days – the end of the African heatwave. Between Friday and Saturday the maximum temperatures will return to settle between 27 and 30 ° C on the Tyrrhenian coasts of Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily and in the provinces of the lower Adriatic; still persistent heat on the Ionian side and in the inland plains not mitigated by breezes with peaks of 37-38 ° C on eastern Ennese, Piana di Catania and Agrigento and 35-36 ° C on Materano, Tarantino and lower Salento. A new temperature rise on Sunday 4 July: recalled from the entrance of a rapid perturbation in the North, African currents will restore peaks of 38-40 ° C between the Plain of Catania and the upper Syracusano, peaks of 36-37 ° C on Foggiano and Collina Materana and diurnal values ​​over 33-35 ° C on central-western Sicily, Piana di Sibari, Valle del Crati, Murge and Salento.

Maximum temperatures on Sunday
Maximum temperatures on Sunday

NEXT TREND: RISK OF A NEW HEAT WAVE – The thermal decline at the beginning of the weekend, which in fact will only represent a mere return to climatic normality, could prove very fleeting. The synoptic scenario on a European scale, in fact, is still fully favorable to new heat waves on Italy. A new comeback of the African anticyclone could make its way as early as 6-7 July, in response to the isolation of a cyclonic circulation between the British Isles and the nearby Atlantic.

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