Gdf discovers 32 riders in ‘black’ in Rome, 21 employers fined

Gdf discovers 32 riders in ‘black’ in Rome, 21 employers fined
Gdf discovers 32 riders in ‘black’ in Rome, 21 employers fined

The 32 riders identified between the historic center and the northern area of ​​Rome were employed ‘in black’, during an extraordinary control plan, by the Financiers of the Provincial Command of Rome, who administratively recorded the 21 employers from which they depended on.

Among these riders, one worked on behalf of the restaurant of Roberto Angelini, a Roman singer-songwriter and musician, who often performed on the television program “Propaganda Live” on La7. In mid-May, the singer-songwriter-restaurateur had already been fined for the same reason by making a video broadcast on social media with which he supported his reasons for having recourse to “illegal” workers; an initiative that had sparked controversy for and against. Today a new case.

Specifically, the Fiamme Gialle of the 3rd Metropolitan Operational Nucleus, in conjunction with the significant increase in home deliveries of pizzas, meals and drinks in recent months following the containment measures of the pandemic ordered by the Government, have intensified control in main rolling stock in the capital, especially in the evening, to verify the regular hiring of messengers by employers.

From the investigations carried out it emerged that the riders were employed by commercial establishments – restaurants, pizzerias and takeaways – in the absence of the prescribed electronic communication to the Information System of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. In most cases, the deliverers used bicycles, electric scooters and scooters, although they lacked any protection in the event of an accident.

At the end of the operation, the military imposed the so-called ‘maxi-sanction’ on the exhibitors for a total amount of over 800,000 euros, subject to reduction in the event of workers’ regularization.

Furthermore, during the investigations, it was ascertained that 5 employees received the Citizenship Income, thus triggering the report to INPS for the adoption of the relevant measures. The operation testifies to the commitment of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome to safeguard the legal economy and to combat illegal conduct that steals income from the tax authorities.


Gdf discovers riders black Rome employers fined

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