Rome transfer market, one-step agreement

Calciomercato Roma, today a meeting is scheduled that can put everything in black and white. The signature is now one step away.

José Mourinho ©Getty Images

Always warmer hours in the house Roma. The Giallorossi club is moving more and more decisively on the market. THE Friedkin e Pinto they want to give important shots as soon as possible a Jose Mourinho. The Special One (its arrival in the capital is scheduled for tomorrow) for its part has made specific requests and would like to work as soon as possible with all the squad available.

In this transfer market, there will be few incoming movements for the Giallorossi club, but they will be of quality and experience as the team wants Portuguese technician. One of these could arrive very soon, although most likely it will be necessary to wait for the end of theEuropean in progress for the official.

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Rome transfer market, Xhaka one step away

Granit Xhaka ©Getty Images

The journalist and columnist of Radio Bianconera, Andrea Di Lella, reports of a decisive meeting today between Roma and Arsenal for the midfielder Granit Xhaka. The negotiation is expected to conclude for a total of 22-25 million euros in total that the Giallorossi club will have to pay into the Gunners’ coffers for the Swiss half.

A figure that, if confirmed, is certainly closer to the requests of the English team than to the various offers started from Trigoria in the last few weeks.

Jaca therefore, in all likelihood, it will become the new metronome of the Roma midfield, much to the happiness of Jose Mourinho who wanted it at all costs. Arsenal, on the other hand, will turn up to replace the Swiss Lokonga, midfielder class ’99 ofAnderlecht.


Rome transfer market onestep agreement

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