Four twenty-year-olds under investigation wanted to establish a new Nazi-Fascist world order: they were inspired by US supremacists

They wanted to establish a new Nazi-Fascist world order with theirs Revolutionary Avant-Garde AR. But four twenty-year-olds were notified by the men of the Digos of Trieste and Milan of the obligation to stay with the contextual obligation of daily presentation to a police office. The investigation made it possible to identify this clandestine organization which, inspired by American supremacist groups, was pursuing the establishment of a new world order of Nazi-fascist origin, inciting the discrimination and violence on racial, ethnic and national grounds.

In this regard, the investigators explain, the choice to use which ones is significant battle names that of terrorists who have become reference icons of the neo-Nazi galaxy such as, for example, that of Anders Breikvik, responsible for the massacre of Utoya in July 2011. The group, which had planned violent actions and planned intimidating actions to recover money, had also tried to broaden its range of action through direct relations with other far-right organizations, such as the Swiss association Junge Tat which a suspect he had visited in May, remaining involved in the aggression organized by anti-fascist movements against the Swiss exponents.

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twentyyearolds investigation wanted establish NaziFascist world order inspired supremacists

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