“If you want to die I’ll give you a hand” – Libero Quotidiano

“If you want to die I’ll give you a hand” – Libero Quotidiano
“If you want to die I’ll give you a hand” – Libero Quotidiano

What did Chiara and Marco say to each other before he killed her? The two would have exchanged creepy messages. Chiara Gualzetti she disappeared from home last Sunday and was found dead the next day near the Monteveglio abbey in Bologna. He would have been 16 in a month. An underage friend of his was arrested for the crime. In the chats under the investigators’ lens, reported by Day, you can read several outbursts of Gualzetti: “Sometimes I would like to end it, if you killed me I would not miss anyone”. But her friend, instead of comforting her, said to her: “I’ll give you a hand if you really want“.

She then wrote: “It is as if people have fun deluding me, making me feel bad”. Finally, the boy’s invitation to the park: “We have a chat and I’ll take you home”. And she, who had long been in love with her friend, would have accepted enthusiastically. So he would come and pick her up and also say hello to her parents. The cameras in the area caught them on their way to the woods. She a little awkward in black tops and shorts, he more self-confident walking a few meters ahead and wearing a red t-shirt. The hypothesis, according to what the Day, is that he put it on just so as not to show the blood stains.

In the sights of the investigators there are also the voice messages sent by the killer to his friends immediately after the murder. Vowels in which the boy would seem agitated, although never referring to the crime. The 16-year-old, who allegedly killed Chiara with kicks and stabs, appeared shaken in front of the investigators, but not upset. He wouldn’t have pulled out a single tear. He confirmed to the judge and to the prosecutors of minors what was already partially admitted. Guy: “The devil gives me the charge. He is a fire man with wings, like in the Lucifer series; it forces me to hurt, I make friends and girls who fall in love with me suffer. “

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