Ten flags on the field at the Milan San Siro Jumping Cup

Ten flags on the field at the Milan San Siro Jumping Cup
Ten flags on the field at the Milan San Siro Jumping Cup
Milan, 1 July 2021 – Nine flags from foreign countries are represented in the first edition of the Milan San Siro Jumping Cup.

For the inaugural edition of the Milanese competition from outside the border, in fact, the presence of knights and amazons of Argentina, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Monaco, Russia e Switzerland.

The latter is the nation that comes up with the very interesting business card with Clarissa Crotta, Werner Muff – both at the London 2012 Olympic Games (he and her reserve starter) e Niklaus Rutschi, a rider who in the 2019 season – the last if we consider the stop for last year’s pandemic – was a point of reference for the red-crusader team both in the European Championships in Rotterdam and in the final of the Longines Nations Cup of Barcelona.

Germany can also rely on a knight who needs no introduction: Toni Hassmann, which among its successes boasts, as well as three affirmations in the prestigious Hamburg derby, the victory in one of the first stages of the FEI World Cup by Fieracavalli Verona (2004).

The tenth flag of the Milan San Siro Jumping Cup 2021 squad is obviously that of Italy.

Among the entries that arrived, the cream of the riders who most played a role in the history of Italian equitation in the thirty years 1990/2010 is highlighted.

A real poker of aces, still firmly at the top of the rankings: Roberto Arioldi, Arnaldo Bologni, Gianni Govoni e Filippo Moyersoen.

Representing the first blue team of the moment, and on the field in Milan in ‘approach’ mode to Reisenbeck European Championships (end of August), there will be Luca Marziani, reconfirmed Italian champion in the current year and member of the Italian team in the Coppa del CSIO of Rome Piazza di Siena, and Paolo Paini.

The latter, after having also participated in the last edition of the Roman competition, was recently part of the winning team of the Bulgarian Nations Cup (Bojourishte).

In a first overview of the Italy team on the field, we cannot fail to mention the presence of Bruno Chimirri, the knight whom the Azzurri consider ‘the captain’, who this time will also have his daughter Elisa among his opponents, one of the most promising Italian amazons, only a few weeks of age.


Aware of how much equestrian sports offer the best when it is possible to follow them live, the Snai San Siro Hippodrome will be accessible, by booking at the email address [email protected]

In compliance with the current legislation on combating Covid-19, public access will not be allowed in any of the areas immediately adjacent to the MJC competition field.

1 – The event is closed to the public but the Snai San Siro Hippodrome will be open free of charge on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with a maximum capacity of 1000 people as per protocol for sporting events.
2 – Access to the areas adjacent to the MJC race field will not be allowed but it will be possible to attend the event inside the Snai San Siro Racecourse ‘from a distance’, namely:
a) Taking a seat on the Main Grandstand 120 meters as the crow flies from the MJC race field with a maximum capacity of 500 seats out of the 1000 available in compliance with the limitations of the Covid protocol. To have a parameter on the distance between the grandstand and the match field, you can take for example a football field: the measure between the two goals is in the regulatory range between a minimum of 90 meters and a maximum of 120 meters. In front of the Main Tribune is the large screen of the Hippodrome which will broadcast the Milano Jumping Cup in its entirety.

Therefore, accessing the stands will allow you to experience the atmosphere of the extraordinary San Siro facility and enjoy the technical-sporting fresco and the MJC competitions through the large screen.

b) In case of exhaustion of 500 seats, it will be possible to access the numerous areas of the Hippodrome traditionally used to follow the races on the track; in the Botanical Park (on the site of the Snai San Siro Hippodrome it is possible to view the plans) and in the relaxation areas in the shade of centuries-old trees.
3 – To ensure refreshment, the bar services of the Main Tribune will be open, namely the ‘Bar del Turf’ and the ‘Bouvette di Leonardo’.
4 – To access the racecourse and enjoy the MJC show from its historic stands, it is mandatory to book free admission to the racecourse by writing to the email address [email protected]

The organizing team of the MJC – in compliance with the anti Covid-19 restrictions – has tried every possible way to guarantee the show of Show Jumping to anyone who loves horses and equestrian sports.

With this in mind, an agreement was signed with the satellite broadcaster Sky What will be Official Broadcaster of the event and will broadcast live the
MJC Saturday 10th July and Sunday 11th July starting at 5pm until the end of the competition day

And it does not end there: for everyone the complete view of the three days of the Milan Jumping Cup competition will be guaranteed through one
full streaming coverage on the official MJC website.

In order not to miss updates, news and live content, we invite you to follow us on the Instagram and Facebook social channels of the @milanosansirojumpingcup event.

Your every interaction will be a moment of sharing for us in the name of the passion for our beloved sport.

And we will answer you with great joy! All this while waiting to host you again in the Snai San Siro Hippodrome Park.

Press release Milan San Siro Jumping Cup – Equi Equipe

© FISE / Massimo Argenziano

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