green pass and new rules to know for traveling

green pass and new rules to know for traveling
green pass and new rules to know for traveling

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Summer 2021: from the Green Pass to tampons, what to know to travel in Italy and abroad

From 1 July the European Green Pass finally comes into force e traveling in the European Union and in the Schengen area becomes easier. At least on paper.

Because if it is true that many compatriots are ready to pack their bags – from what emerges from the recent survey State “Summer 2021: the holiday prospects of Italians in the Covid era”, ben one in two Italians intends to take a vacation period between June and September, while, according to the data collected by the monthly Observatory of Confturismo-Confcommercio in collaboration with Swg, 41 percent of respondents had already booked a holiday in early June – there is still uncertainty about the rules and regulations to be known to leave safely in Italy and abroad. And not without reason.

European Green Pass at the start: how to travel for tourism in Europe

The Green Pass europeo (EU digital COVID certificate) was created on a proposal from the European Commission with the aim of standardizing the rules and thus facilitating free movement between the members of the EU and the Schengen area.

According to the regulation on Covid-19 green certification, approved on 9 June by the European Parliament, EU states cannot impose further travel restrictions (quarantine, self-isolation or swabs on arrival) to certificate holders as long as “they are not necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health”. It is an emergency clause that actually allows for the introduction of precautionary measures in the event that the epidemiological conditions worsen.

At the moment, the spread of the Delta variant on the continent is worrying, so much so that, for example, the Germany decided to enter from Tuesday 29 June 2021 Portugal among the “countries at risk”, with consequent obligation of quarantine and digital registration of entry on the website for those who come or have stayed in the country and want to enter Germany (but Europe is thinking of intervening).

But if at the moment measures such as quarantines and fiduciary isolation do not interest Italian tourists abroad, it is also true that several countries are still asking for mandatory digital registration to be filled in in advance: it happens for example in Greece, but also when re-entering Italy you must submit the Passenger Locator Form. Ireland, on the other hand, due to a cyber attack, will start late with the European green certificate.

The situation is still changing. How then to orient yourself to avoid quarantines and find yourself without the documents required for boarding? Let’s try to answer the main questions of vacationers ready to go:

• How do you travel in Italy? Do you always need the Green Pass or the tampon to travel by plane?
in which EU countries and the Schengen area can Italians travel and what should they do when they return?
• And how is the situation with non-EU countries? For example, can you go to the United States of America for tourism or to the United Kingdom?
• What sites and tools to keep an eye on to travel safely this summer?
The answers, with in-depth information on the countries most “popular” by Italian tourists, in the next cards.

Here, in the meantime, we begin to dispel some doubts about holidays in Italy and travel between regions.

How to travel in Italy this summer

According to the Istat report released on June 14, 2021, this summer Italy will be the destination of choice for most Italian tourists: 33.3% intend to choose the region of residence, 63.6% will move instead between regions, while only 6.2% plan to go abroad. But as you move between regions? Do you always need the Green Pass?

The green certificate, which, as the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza declared two days ago, has already been downloaded by 13 million and 700,000 people, is certainly a useful tool to take with you, but it is not always necessary.

At the moment, the Italian Green Pass, in fact, is only used to move between regions in the orange and red zone, or to participate in events and ceremonies. On the other hand, it is not necessary to show it when traveling between white and yellow regions (by the latest order of the Ministry of Health of 28 June all of Italy is currently in the white zone).

Do you need a Green pass or a tampon to travel by plane to Italy?

This means that, even to travel by plane in Italy, it is not necessary to show the Green Pass or the negative result of a swab.

This is also valid when it comes to islands: from June 16 to enter Sardinia there is no need for tampons, certificates of vaccination and not even the obligation to register passengers on the portal “Safe Sardinia” (here you can find more information), while from May 23 the effectiveness of regional ordinance no. 36 of 7 April which provided for registration on the regional portal and the swab to anyone who entered Sicily.

The question of self-certifications which are still required by some airlines at the time of check in, while we remind you that at the airport and on board the aircraft there is still the obligation to wear a surgical mask or FFP2 during the entire time of the trip, under penalty of denied boarding.

Italian green pass with a single dose

We also remind you that at the moment, unlike what happens with the European Green Pass, the Italian green certificate is also issued after the first dose of vaccine. However, the situation could change in the coming weeks, as anticipated by the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, Monday 28 June at the broadcast of Radio 24, 24Mattino. With the Delta variant of Sars-CoV-2 it is possible that the Green pass may have to be reshaped after the first dose of vaccine (the complete interview on

Where you can travel in Europe and abroad and what to do when returning to Italy

For information on the Italian and European Green Pass – how to download it and what it is for -, we refer you to this in-depth analysis.

In the next cards, however, you will find in-depth information on where Italians can go for tourism and the rules to know for traveling to Greece, Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States of America and Japan (the list of countries is continuous update as new provisions arrive). But also which sites to keep an eye on before leaving for holidays abroad.

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