a 22-year-old boy died

a 22-year-old boy died
a 22-year-old boy died

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01 July 2021 10:31

A 22-year-old boy, Giacomo Frigerio, died in an accident on the A8 Varese-Milan motorway in the section between Legnano and the junction with the A9 (towards Milan) on the night between Wednesday and Thursday 1 July.

It all happened around 1:15 am, as reported by the regional emergency urgency company. According to an initial reconstruction, the 22-year-old, driving a Fiat Panda, would have lost control of the vehicle by violently colliding with a Smart with two young people aged 22 and 21 on board; the impact was so violent that the 22-year-old was thrown out of the cockpit. Rescue was useless: the 118 health workers, who intervened on the spot with two ambulances and a self-medication, could not help but ascertain the death.

The two young women on board the small car, on the other hand, were accompanied in shock to the emergency room of the Legnano hospital; their conditions are of no particular concern.

The highway was closed until the first light of dawn to allow rescue operations and surveys by the traffic police.


#22yearold boy died

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