The technique of the road signs to snatch in Rome

The technique of the road signs to snatch in Rome
The technique of the road signs to snatch in Rome

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01 July 2021 11:30 am

He approached him with the excuse of asking for directions, then snatched him from the bag he kept in the car. An elderly victim was targeted by a 35-year-old who was then arrested by the carabinieri of Ostia.

The thief, who is also a home detainee for crimes against property in a residential facility, violating the prescriptions of the judge illegally moved away from the place of detention and, with a trivial excuse, stopped a car driven by a pensioner, who passed through via Capo Palinuro. While the elderly man was intent on giving the requested information, the man snatched the bag from his hand, immediately escaping on foot to the neighboring streets.

In his escape, the thief also overwhelmed a woman who was on the sidewalk, who, falling to the ground, also had to resort to the care of the 118 health workers. Compagnia Roma Ostia immediately intervened on the site and, having acquired the description of the thief, circumscribed the area, starting to hunt down the criminal who was soon identified in a nearby street.

The Carabinieri blocked him and arrested him for theft, personal injury and evasion. He was then taken to the barracks and detained pending the very direct rite. The entire stolen goods were fully recovered and immediately returned to the victim.


technique road signs snatch Rome

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