Climb aboard the ARCA in Milan: CAP Group opens the call for tenders for the management of the spaces of the new headquarters that will be open to citizens

Climb aboard the ARCA in Milan: CAP Group opens the call for tenders for the management of the spaces of the new headquarters that will be open to citizens
Climb aboard the ARCA in Milan: CAP Group opens the call for tenders for the management of the spaces of the new headquarters that will be open to citizens

Until 12 July it is possible to participate in the public tender which offers the possibility of managing the bar, cultural space and conference center of the new headquarters in via Rimini for at least 4 years, which will be completed at the end of 2021

Milan, 1 July 2021 – CAP Group, manager of the integrated water service of the Metropolitan City of Milan, has launched a call for tenders, in force until 12 July, for the allocation of spaces open to the public in the new headquarters in via Rimini, including the coffee bar, the multifunctional and exhibition space for cultural and aggregative activities and the conference area to promote scientific events.

This is the ARCA of Milan, an architectural project with futuristic connotations and high standards of sustainability which, with its water square in front, intends to become a meeting place and reference point for the district, thanks to the large spaces that occupy the ground floor of the building and which will be connected, but independent from the activities, schedules and company offices.

The activities involved in the competitive dialogue are manifold: the management of the café bar, which will also be a cocktail bar, restaurant, catering service for the district and the city, as well as for the inhabitants of the building and the conference area. A multifunctional and exhibition space, where the public company provides aggregative and recreational, cultural and social activities linked to the most varied themes, starting with those in which the Milanese capital excels: fashion, design, for example, but also training meetings, such as workshops, or the organization of fairs and expo that satisfy the exhibition function or even spaces for coworking. The conference area will have to fulfill the objectives of scientific and cultural promotion such as congresses, conferences and events.

Those who will be awarded the management of one or more spaces will also have in use the management of the garden and the part in front of the entrance to the square, characterized by a basin of water that draws directly from the first underground water table.

The objectives to keep in mind for the drafting of the applications are those indicated in the Collaboration Agreement signed last May by the CAP Group with the Municipality of Milan: to expand and qualify the offer of activities of public interest in the area and social cohesion; promote and encourage cultural and aggregative activities, spread attention to environmental issues with particular reference to water resources; enhance the networks of creative enterprises and associations existing in the area and start new networks and collaborations; carry out activities and initiatives also in the sector of STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), entertainment, fashion, design, art and creativity in general, sustainability, also through the implementation of activities, events, temporary exhibition and artistic events of public interest, with particular reference to the enhancement of new talents, the promotion of youth and female entrepreneurship and the enhancement of creative production in all its forms.

Gruppo CAP wishes to build an articulated service offer for the ARCA that guarantees a wide range of activities throughout the day and a varied and heterogeneous use by an audience of young and old, children and adults, professionals and companies, with the aim of establishing a lively and dynamic presence in the city fabric, also in consideration of the social and cultural needs linked to the context of the district of via Rimini and its surroundings.

In this sense, the projects presented must aim as much as possible to enhance the mission of the CAP Group, with particular reference to the themes of water, sustainability and the circular economy.

The credit lines will start indicatively from January 1, 2022 and will have an indicative duration of 4 four years, optionally for a further year, under the conditions that will be defined during the procedure.

CAP group

The CAP Group is the industrial entity that manages the integrated water service on the territory of the Metropolitan City of Milan according to the in house providing model, that is, guaranteeing public control of the member bodies in compliance with the principles of transparency, responsibility and participation. Through over ten years of know-how and the skills of its staff, it combines the public nature of the water resource and its management with a managerial organization of the water service capable of making investments in the area and increasing knowledge through IT tools. In terms of size and assets, the CAP Group ranks among the most important mono-utility companies on the national scene. In 2017 it was awarded the absolute Top Utility award as the best Italian Utility.

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