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SITUATION. With the removal of the low pressure sack from central Europe towards the east, an anticyclonic field will reinforce again close to the weekend, favoring a brief period of stability also over the whole of Italy. However, this will be a very short-lived phase, since humid and unstable western flows that will accompany at least two fronts destined for our northern regions right over the weekend. One over Saturday which will trigger new storms starting from the western Alps towards the Po Valley. A second that in the course of Sunday it will cause a new deterioration, starting from the Alps towards most of the remaining northern regions. Apart from some phenomena in the Northern Apennines and a certain cloudiness in the central regions, the rest of Italy will not be affected by the passage of the front. Here are the details:

WEATHER SATURDAY. Worsens from the afternoon in the Western Alps with rains and thunderstorms in extension by evening to most of Piedmont and Lombardy, sometimes even of strong intensity. Some phenomena by the end of the day up to western Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. On Sunday night, probable deterioration also on the rest of the Triveneto, up to the Adriatic coasts, with even violent storms, some rain possible as far as Liguria. On the rest of Italy a stable day with little or at most partially cloudy skies. Temperature a slight increase in the Center-North.

WEATHER SUNDAY. The storms in the Northeast are temporarily attenuated and the rest of the North improves, with a partly cloudy start to the day. New deterioration in the day with rains and thunderstorms in the Alps spreading to a large part of the Po Valley, tending to become even strong sulle central-western areas, bordering on Liguria and extending to the Northeast by evening. a little variability up to the central regions, with some rain more than anything else on the inland areas, sunnier instead in the South. Temperature decreasing in the North and on the high Tyrrhenian Sea, increasing in the South and on the Adriatic, even with quite intense heat.

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