Forza Italia Councilor against pride: “Meeting of misfits and schizoids”

Forza Italia Councilor against pride: “Meeting of misfits and schizoids”
Forza Italia Councilor against pride: “Meeting of misfits and schizoids”

Cesano Boscone (Milan), 1 July 2021 – Heavy claims they have raised controversy and indignation. Last night, during the Cesano Boscone City Council, still carried out in the form of a link and not in presence for the anti covid rules, the opposition councilor Antonia Parisotto, in quota Come on Italy, harshly attacked the commissioner at Policies for integration and equal opportunities Ilaria Ravasi for the choice to grant the patronage at the Pride event Milanese.

“A shabby event – the Fortress councilor said live -. There are very few cases of violence and discrimination against people with different sexual orientations. At the bottom of it all there is a precise ideological intent aimed at ensuring that the scientific nature that is male and female is distorted in the realization of project that goes against the human. This is the purpose of the ddl Zan. We claim the freedom to educate our children ”.

And he continues: “Anyone who has a bit of salt in his gourd knows very well that these find yourself I’m of maladapted, schizoid subjects, in full dissociative crisis. And the kids, on the other hand, confused and manipulated, far from having any political value, have a lot of psychiatric and something sulfureo. These little shows, if they did not have the help of the strong Western powers, they would be folkloristic and laughable phenomena ”. To block the intervention the Director of the Pd Marco De Ros: “These things he cannot afford to say, words are boulders”. And he adds: “Squalid homophobia, chilling “.

On his side also the mayor Simone Negri (Pd) who expressed solidarity with the councilor Ravasi “for the personal attack. I strongly condemn them words of hate heard in the City Council ”, added Negri. The choir is unanimous, including the associations that defend the rights of the LGBT community and promote the adoption of the Zan Law, including Luca Paladini spokesperson for the Sentinelli of Milan: “Resignation of the councilor, immediately”.

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