The riders in black of Roma “well” paid less than 6 euros per hour, 21 entrepreneurs fined

The riders in black of Roma “well” paid less than 6 euros per hour, 21 entrepreneurs fined
The riders in black of Roma “well” paid less than 6 euros per hour, 21 entrepreneurs fined

University students between 22 and 25 years old, fathers of families, people who were in difficulty with their work and those who wanted to save some money during the period of the lockdown. This is the identikit of the 32 riders, underpaid, who brought home food from restaurants in northern and central Rome.

The Guardia di Finanza intercepted them with an operation that allowed them to fine 21 entrepreneurs in the capital, including Roberto Angelini, singer-songwriter and guitarist, seen on TV in the band of Propaganda Live on La7 and fined by the green berets for 15 thousand euros. accused of having people close to him work illegally with a van for home deliveries.

The investigations began in March 2020, with the concomitance of the lockdown. In verifying when declared by the people stopped in the street in the evening and at night, aboard vans, scooters, scooters and bicycles, the Yellow Flames of the 3rd Metropolitan Operating Unit have discovered a real round of riders in black who, in concomitantly with the significant increase in home deliveries, they were in fact exploited.

From the investigations carried out it emerged that the riders were employed by restaurants, pizzerias and takeaways without the “prescribed telematic communication to the Information System of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies”, they explain from the Finance who add: “In most cases the bellmen used bicycles, electric scooters and scooters, despite being deprived of any protection in the event of an accident “.

At the end of the operation, the military imposed the so-called ‘maxi-sanction’ on the exhibitors for a total amount of over 800,000 euros, subject to reduction in the event of workers’ regularization. Furthermore, according to what emerged, the riders “earned” less than six euros an hour and all were subjected to exhausting hours. Furthermore, during the investigations, it was ascertained that 5 employees received the Citizenship Income, thus triggering the report to INPS for the adoption of the relevant measures.


riders black Roma paid euros hour entrepreneurs fined

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