More waste in Tuscia: 500 tons a day from Rome, Latina and Frosinone

Viterbo – The new regional ordinance in force from today and until July 15 for the capital, on July 30 for the other provinces

by Giuseppe Ferlicca

Viterbo- The Monterazzano landfill

Viterbo – More waste in Tuscia. The region had announced yet another ordinance to deal with the emergency in Rome and beyond and the latest provision signed by President Nicola Zingaretti brings 500 tons a day from the capital and elsewhere to Viterbo.

Until July 15, the waste resulting from undifferentiated treatment, for 200 tons per day, produced by Rome will be delivered by Ama starting from July 1 at the Ecologia Viterbo landfill.

“In order to allow the completion of the procedures – reads the provision – for the transfer to disposal plants outside the region, as there is no landfill capacity available in the municipality of Rome capital, and that available in the metropolitan city is not sufficient From Rome”. With Albano, where the mayor Raggi would like to take the garbage, on which various perplexities are arising.

The 100 tons of waste produced in Latina, “delocalized” due to the same problem, must be added to the 200 tons in Rome. Over there, sold out, they have nowhere to dispose of.

But Frosinone will also use the Viterbo landfill. Also from today, the waste from the Colfelice plant will arrive in Viterbo. This is another 200 tons per day, while 40 are destined for Civitavecchia. The reason is the same, there are no alternatives in the area, but in reality there are no alternatives in the whole region, because the current framework sees conferring on Viterbo, Rome, Frosinone and Latina, which is added to Rieti, which has always uses the Viterbo landfill.

As reported in the ordinance: “The Ecologia Viterbo Le Fornaci landfill serving the Ato – Viterbo has a residual volume at its disposal at 22 June 2021 equal to approximately 124,868.20 cubic meters and the Fosso Crepacuore landfill, with a residual June 22, 2021 equal to approximately 22,067 cubic meters and therefore not responding to the self-sufficiency of the metropolitan city of Rome, with an estimated duration until the end of August “. The latter is the Civitavecchia site which is running out, while the Viterbo site benefits from the invaded elevation, against which the municipality has opposed, losing the use of the TAR.

The policy, which has risen against yet another measure that penalizes Tuscia, has an easy life in affirming that Tuscia has become the dustbin of Lazio.

On the times of use of the Viterbo plant, at the moment the ordinance provides for Roman waste until July 15, while for Frosinone and Latina until July 30. Except for any further extensions. From this point of view, the self-sufficiency of regional ATOs in the regional ordinance and envisaged in the waste plan still appears as a mirage.

Giuseppe Ferlicca

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July 1, 2021

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