Italy-Belgium, the background on the referee: he was arrested in 2020!

True, appearances do not count, given that referees with three European matches under their belt (Orsato, Brych, Mateu Lahoz) have left or are leaving Istanbul in these hours. Therefore, they are not indicative. However, the designation of Slavko Vincic for Belgium-Italy at the Allianz in Munich, tomorrow night, it sounds strange. No, not for those legal events, absolutely and totally unfounded, that happened to him in Bosnia-Herzegovina, from which it came out clean a little over a year ago. No, not even for that strange result of chance, which wants the referee born in Maribor, compatriot of the president of Uefa, Aleksander Ceferin (both Slovenians) and then, here we are again with the Super League, power struggles and transversal vendettas. Of course, anyone, even a child would think about it. But the doubt arises precisely from the number of races entrusted to him by Roberto Rosetti in this European Championship. A modest Spain-Sweden and a Switzerland-Turkey who saw him struggling with only one episode (contact on Xhaka). It seemed little for a quarter-final, among other things of such a high level. Instead, the other quarter scheduled for tomorrow, that is Switzerland-Spain, went to the English Oliver, yes, that of the «garbage can»By Buffon, also with 2 attendance fees. So, it seems like a risk, on paper. We’ll see if that’s the case.

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The scandal of 2020

Vin? I? he was the protagonist, in spite of himself, of an episode as curious as it is terrible for those who are outside a criminal context. During a business trip, in May 2020, he was invited to a party on a ranch in Suho Polje, a small town near Bijeljina, in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All good until a raid by the police was triggered, who arrested and arrested 35 people on charges of drug dealing, arms trafficking and prostitution. Among the people stopped, also Vin? I? who, after a dutiful passage to the police station, explained that he was completely a stranger and after a few hours he was on his way to return to his family, to whom he still had to explain the situation. «It was the biggest mistake of my life»Said the Slovenian referee, commenting on the incident, immediately after the great fear: no accusations, no aftermath. But the news remains in the air and pops up every time you type his name on the internet. We hope it remains isolated …

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