Gabriele Corsi: “The jokes of” Deal with it “are a serious matter!”

The host talks to us about the new edition and reveals what happens in the backstage of the program

Gabriele Corsi

Solange Savagnone
April 5, 2021 at 09:11

April 5th the new season of “Deal with it”, produced by Banijay Italia: “A simple formula, based on candid cameras, but which always works very well” explains the host Gabriele Corsi, who also commented on the photos you see in this article. “We shot from January to March, as long as we were in the ‘orange zone’. Now we have 45 episodes, but as soon as possible we want to reach 60 ».

Behind the scenes of “Deal with it”

«Michela (on the left) dresses me and Dora (on the right) combs my hair, making me a tuft. We choose a look that matches that of the guest, but it has to be comfortable because I don’t change for about ten hours of shooting ”

“Here is the new studio that is moved depending on where we shoot. Here we are in Rome with Pupo and we had a lot of fun ”

“In the corridor of a hotel, the shots of the 19 cameras are checked to understand how the joke is going and to mark the best moments”

Gabriele Corsi

«The first public response I have in the” control room “(the studio, ed). If the cameramen are laughing, it means that the joke is going well. The success of the program is due to the dedication of the 56 people who work there ”

«In the evening meeting, the production decides the jokes to put in the episode based on the success and duration. Then the ideas for the new candid cameras are written ”

«In Milan, the girl protagonist of the joke tries on the headset, helped by the technical staff. Preparation takes place very quickly, about 10 minutes ”

Lots of news. Where do you want to start?
“From the studio, which has a new scenography and is bigger, to guarantee safety distances”.

After Rome and Milan, you have arrived in Florence.
«The homeland of“ My friends ”. It had an excellent yield: the Tuscans are super. We also had the opportunity to have several Tuscan guests, from Fabrizio Biggio to Federico Russo. Many characters write to me to participate, such as Valentina Ferragni (Chiara’s sister, ed)».

In the new episodes you have also used hotel suites as a location …
«Yes, but it will not be just jokes related to jealousy, a great classic along with gluttony and avarice. We did amazing things, inspired by “The Chess Queen” and “Ten Little Indians”. You will see! ».


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