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eye for detail – Libero Quotidiano
eye for detail – Libero Quotidiano

No way. Failed attempt. No “pax” for Easter. The confirmation came directly from Sunday In, the program of Mara Venier broadcast on Rai 1, in its special Easter episode yesterday, Sunday 4 April. In connection from Cellino San Marco, indeed, Al Bano Carrisi confirmed that Romina Power she had not joined him and Loredana Lecciso for the feast day, despite the appeal launched a few weeks ago to that effect by Al Bano, who had invited his ex-wife and Lecciso to make peace.

Here it is, connected by Cellino around an Easter table set with all kinds of delicacies. Together with Al Bano the children and the brother Tyron, as well as Romina Junior, Cristel and Yari. But Romina was not there: no family reunion between the two nuclei. In short, the margins to mend the relations between the two would be non-existent, the digs and grudges of the past weigh too much.

But anyway, after the disappointment here is the interview. Venier investigates, tries to understand if Cristel and her husband Davor Luksic are thinking about having a third child. The woman for her part said that we will see in the future and, just in case, that Aunt Mara will be the first to know.

And again, during the episode, Mara Venier said she was the victim of a joke by Romina Power, Cristel, Yari and Romina Junior: “Woe to you, you made me spend two Easter hours this morning when I said they went crazy“. No more in-depth explanation, however. For the family reunion, perhaps, we will try next Easter. In the meantime, separate links: on the one hand, in the photo, Romina Power. On the other, Al Bano.

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