guests two couples, new entry and the external ones (previews)

guests two couples, new entry and the external ones (previews)
guests two couples, new entry and the external ones (previews)

Men and women

The rumors about the recording that took place on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, in the Canale 5 studio

Published on April 4, 2021

Yesterday and today have been recorded the new episodes of Men and Women, which will air in the coming weeks. What happened in the Canale 5 studio? The advances reveal that various knights of the Throne Over showed up. According to the Instagram page Men and women classic or over, two couples took part in the registration as guests. The names of these former participants of Maria De Filippi’s program have not been revealed, but it seems they are ladies and knights who met a few years ago. Obviously, it was not lacking at the heart of the study a comparison for Gemma Galgani. Also this time, the Turin lady found herself having a clarification with Nicola Vivarelli.

They had interrupted their acquaintance quite negatively. Despite this, when he spent three months on the ship for work, Gemma was by his side. The two told of having heard often and having had the opportunity to find a relationship. It was then clarified that Galgani and Nicola felt alone in friendship. When he returned to be part of the program, once he got off the ship, the Vivarelli attacked Gemma several times.

After that, the two finally had an important confrontation. Both specified that it was a friendly clarification, even if Galgani seems to be willing to resume dating. Why in the registration today, April 4, 2021, Gemma and Nicola Did they have a confrontation in the center of the study again? All that remains is to wait to find out. Meanwhile, Raffaella Mennoia thinks about giving some clues about the tronists.

As reported The Alley of News, the most attentive fans could not notice an important detail. Giacomo Czerny took it out twice Martina Grado and left at home Carolina Ronca. The fans of the latter have rebelled on social media in the face of this decision by the tronista. And it was they who identified the moment dedicated to Giacomo and Carolina. Apparently there was talk of their last outsider.

Therefore, it seems that the young tronista has decided to review Ronca. Instead, come on Massimiliano Mollicone, it was found that brought Eugenia outside.

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