Amici 20, Rosa Di Grazia eliminated, the dancer breaks the silence: “I expected it”

The dancer eliminated in the third episode of the final phase of the talent of Maria De Filippi.

After the‘elimination of Tommaso Spanzani, last night, during the third Evening of Friends, it was also eliminated Rose of Grace, the twenty-year-old dancer from Santa Marinella, particularly criticized by the dance teacher Alessandra Celentano. From the beginning of his talent adventure, the prof Celentano has always stressed that the girl did not have the qualities to perform at the evening but, despite the criticisms, Rosa reached the famous Canale 5 stage.

Amici 20, Rosa Di Grazia eliminated, the dancer breaks the silence: “I expected it”

At the end of the third episode, Rosa di Grazie and Deddy ended up in the ballot e Maria De Filippi he communicated the existence directly in the house. The two boys, during the ad Friends, they fell in love and saw the delicate elimination that would have sanctioned the farewell of one or the other, they decided to spend the last moments of school together. In the house they embraced and exchanged tenderness, then the landlady in connection made the official announcement. The singer burst into tears, as did Rosa who could not hold back her tears and all her bitterness.

In an interview published on the Witty website, Rosa let it out after the elimination. These are the first words of the young dancer. The girl admitted that she did not expect it direct confrontation with Deddy:

“Elimination? I have been expecting it since yesterday, what I did not expect was the final confrontation with Deddy who is the most important person I have in here. But it was more pleasant to lose with him. It was a journey of ups and downs, I was the one questioned the most, but I always did something constructive to try to grow: it was the best experience of my life. It was beautiful despite all the lows that have been there, all the criticisms and all the reviews. You can’t please everyone “.

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