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The most recent track is a photo posted on Instagram. Mick Jagger is seen smiling in an armchair next to a guitar and a cat in her arms; the image taken in an unspecified location in Sicily, between Ragusa and Syracuse. Last trace, it was said, of a long trail according to which the leader of the Rolling Stones since the end of last summer permanently lives on the island and there is no lack of opportunity to go and get to know its treasures in a more or less reserved way. Sometimes being paparazzi, sometimes doing flourish anecdotes more or less imaginative.

In Italy since the summer

For sure we know that the rock star was in July on holiday in Tuscany, in the company of his wife and youngest son, a guest of friends. It felt like a short trip, a vacation along a route that had already captivated other of Jagger’s colleagues in the past. Instead, the grand tour continued immediately heading south and it seems that it has not yet finished: Mick Jagger has pitched the tents in Sicily, it seems in a period villa renovated by an archistar: a residence suited to the rank of the character for luxury and also for privacy.

The tracks of the tour

The indelible signs of the singer’s passage begin at least since September: in those days dinner in a restaurant a Marzamemi, a seaside village in the Syracuse area, where he leaves an autographed menu; I’m with him his wife Melanie Hamrick and a couple of bodyguards. In the same days he visits the cathedral of Noto and the historic center of Syracuse. Weeks go by and Rolling Stone is immortalized at the valley of the temples of Agrigento. Christmas arrives and a photo appears on Instagram in which the rockstar among the cacti of the estate of the Marquesses of San Giuliano in Melilli. The visits are always private even if in at least one circumstance they cross the institutional sphere: it happens when Jagger stops at the Palazzo dei Normanni and the Palatine Chapel of Palermo accompanied by the president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly Gianfranco Miccich. The iron condition for not spreading images of the day.

Metropolitan legends

Even the last image appeared on Instagram it could have been taken in Sicily: Say hi to Nero, he’s a little camera shy, namely Say Hello to Nero, a little intimidated by the photo, with reference to the cat he holds next to him. One of the singer’s sons replies from New York: I miss him, Nero. The halo of mystery accompanying the Sicilian tour has also given rise to some legends so far without confirmation. For example, the one according to which the artist would have chosen the nice mediterranean retreat to dial a new album. Or that, more suggestive, according to which, on a visit to the cathedral of Monreale, Jagger would perform in a short and improvised concert to the church organ.

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