Tommaso Zorzi bleeding on social media: bad accident

Tommaso Zorzi bleeding on social media: bad accident this morning as soon as he woke up. The columnist, in fact, fell down the stairs of his house

Tommaso Zorzi at the Maurizio Costanzo Show (Witty Tv)

Tommaso Zorzi he didn’t have a very beautiful awakening this morning. The winner of the Big Brother Vip and current columnist ofIsland of the Famous, he took a couple of days off from social networks to disconnect a bit and give a break to his fans who are seeing him on television every day in this period. The way in which he reappeared, however, worried and not a little his audience who saw him today return to his Instagram profile with a bloody arm.

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Tommaso Zorzi falls down the stairs as soon as he wakes up and begins to bleed: “Everything hurts”

Tommaso, in fact, said that Gilda (his dog) slept with him and this morning when he woke up he took her in his arms to go down the stairs, but the puppy spotted a toy and began to wriggle among the his arms trying to get off. Tommaso bent down to put her down and not make her jump by herself, and to prevent Gilda from hurting herself, he fell on his back and hurt himself very much. He began to lose blood of the arm and has been experiencing severe back pain since this morning.

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Tommaso Zorzi
Tommaso Zorzi (Mediaset P lay)

Tommaso is spending Easter alone with his dog, enjoying these last hours to relax in peace, and tomorrow he will return to the studio in Milan for the seventh episode of the Isola dei Famosi together with Iva Zanicchi, Ilary Blasi ed Elettra Lamborghini who are his companions in adventure.


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