Queen Elizabeth, there is no limit to the worst: will it be the end?

Queen Elizabeth will have to deal with a prophecy that makes her subjects tremble. Will it really turn out like this?

Great news in the UK, what’s happening (Getty Images)

The farewell of the Dukes of Sussex, Harry e Meghan, the disputes between the Markle e Kate Middleton, the health problems of Filippo and finally, as if of problems there Queen Elizabeth is not had, to complete the tragic picture it also takes Nostradamus.

The French seer who with his terrible prophecies made, and continues to make many people tremble, seems to have predicted something serious also about the English crown. Before discovering what it is, it must be remembered that Nostradamus had already anticipated catastrophic events such as the advent of Nazism and also the fall of the Twin Towers.

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Queen Elizabeth, there is no end to the worst: will it be the end?

Queen Elizabeth decision
Queen Elizabeth, another twist in the Royal Family (Photo: Getty)

Nostradamus and Queen Elizabeth, not a perfect match because when he is involved, things don’t go well. Centuries ago the French seer, who had predicted a thousand misfortunes, many of which came true, also predicted something about the English crown.

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After Queen Elizabeth, the end of the monarchy. No Prince Charles, who has been waiting to ascend the throne for so many years, and not even his eldest son William. Neither did George. Nobody will take his place. This prophecy would seem somewhat unlikely to come true, but only time will reveal the truth.


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