From Domenica In the sweet dedication to Malgioglio: the note from her Turkish boyfriend

Among the guests of the episode of Sunday IN today 4 April 2021, too Christian Malgioglio for a long chat with Mara Venier. A moment of confidences, confessions between friends, some worries to tell but also the desire to make the audience smile at home! Nothing was missing when he saw Malgioglio the protagonist, not even a beautiful surprise from the Turkish boyfriend of whom Cristiano always speaks but who has not seen for some time due to covid 19 and the difficulty of moving.

I am very excited as if it were the first interview. This studio belongs to me, I worked here with Giletti. Mara Venier is the person with whom I confidedor ”said Cristiano, sitting in Mara Venier’s armchair. The presenter also asked him to take off his sunglasses because it is right that from home they can see the emotions felt while telling about his life.

Domenica In: the surprise for Cristiano Malgioglio

Mara then asked Cristiano when she realized she wanted to be different in her way of doing things, even if she doesn’t like giving labels. Malgioglio commented: “I’ve always wanted to be different from everyone else. I have no colleagues. I am a wild soul, different from everyone ”.

And then there is also room for some confidence on the mysterious Turkish boyfriend, whose name Cristiano has not yet revealed. “I met a man in the Grand Bazaar. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. It has been going on for a year but he is reserved, as I am also for my feelings “. Cristiano, however, does not know that Mara arrives everywhere and in fact has a wonderful surprise. There is a note that her boyfriend wrote that is shown live on Sunday IN: “I can’t wait to see the sunset over the Bosphorus with you again”.

A gesture that Cristiano did not expect so much that he remains speechless.


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