they insult, but they have to thank that their grandmother is treated in Lombardy – Libero Quotidiano

they insult, but they have to thank that their grandmother is treated in Lombardy – Libero Quotidiano
they insult, but they have to thank that their grandmother is treated in Lombardy – Libero Quotidiano

Fabio Rubini

04 April 2021

Without going too far into the matter between the Ferragnez and the Lombardy Region due to the lack of vaccination of the 94-year-old grandmother of the Milanese rapper, let’s try to put together some data. This is not to want to defend or attack someone, but to make the couple of influencers understand that it could even be worse. If Federico’s grandmother, for example, had had a residence in Tuscany, the vaccine would have seen it in late May, early June. Here in Lombardy, however, despite the continuous and pressing smear campaign, things for the over 80s are much better than elsewhere. Let’s give some numbers, just to be precise. Point one: the much maligned Lombardy is at the top in the vaccination ranking of over 90s (precisely the category of Fedez’s grandmother), given that the first dose was administered to 70% of them (a percentage that rises to 100% if we talk about of RSA guests alone), against a national average of 63%. In short, the lady is part of that 30% not yet vaccinated, but which will be within the next week. Second point: even on the notorious failure of the vaccination campaign for over 80s, there are numbers that contradict the vulgate. Lombardy, in fact, in this category exceeded the national average. As of yesterday, 58% of those over 80 had immunized against an average of 56.9%. Tuscany, just to stay on the subject, is nailed to 44%. In short, it is clear that not everything went well in Lombardy, but frankly, it is not that in the other regions there have been record performances. Then, of course, a little more diplomacy on the part of everyone would have served. What need was there to tell a 94-year-old that she had made a mistake in filling out a form? Nobody. To close the controversy it would have been enough to wave the numbers mentioned above under the Ferragnez ‘noses. On the other hand, yesterday Fedez spoke again, asking Fontana and Moratti to apologize. Also in this case the rapper (and his wife whom we have repeatedly defended from these pages) would have done better to inquire first and leave in the drawer those tones that in some passages of their videos reminded a little of the Marchese del Grillo, a character played by an extraordinary Alberto Sordi, that of «I know ‘I and you are not a c …». An attitude that does not honor a couple of young people who only a year ago, amid a thousand unfair criticisms, raised millions to build a Covid pavilion at San Raffaele. And that they certainly did not make that video to “push” a loved one at the expense of others who have waited their turn. After all, if there are no vaccines, it is not Fontana’s fault … on the staff of the Regional Crisis Unit who would have been inoculated before his turn, De Luca now speaks openly about the need to immediately vaccinate immigrants, including illegal immigrants. The League’s nasty response is ready: «It is understandable – the secretary Valentino Grant attacked – the concern about vaccinations for illegal immigrants, numerous also in Campania due to the wicked policy of open ports dear to the governor’s Democratic Party. However, we reiterate the need to give priority to vaccination of the elderly, disabled and frail people … ».

Twins out of breath – Even in a Region like Nicola Zingaretti’s Lazio – a reality on average positioned better than the others (especially on the subject of over 80s) – the situation, digging into the data, is not all pink and flowers and the trend, both in vaccinations and for admissions, is changing. In fact, if in recent days, as the newspaper Domani rattled off, the number of immunized persons in the “other” category (whose composition does not reveal the details) has increased, complicated is what is happening in Rome in one of the most important centers: the Gemelli Polyclinic. “The situation is manageable but rather critical. We are seeing an increase in hospitalizations ». Speaking is the medical director Andrea Cambieri, concerned above all for the intensive care unit: «As for Covid patients, it is saturated. We have 69 dedicated beds and they are all full ».

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