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Beautiful is truly the soap opera of excesses, but there is a situation that is considered excessive even by the public itself.

But before going to read what we are talking about, let us dwell for a moment on soap, very famous and loved all over the world. Created by William J.Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS, it aired for the first time on 23 March 1987 while in Italy it arrived in June 1990 on Rai 2 and then landed on Canale 5, for a period it was also broadcast by Rete 4.

The soap takes us to the United States precisely to Los Angeles. The protagonist is the Forrester family which owns a renowned fashion house that bears the name of Forrester Creations. Around these situations are added different characters and amorous intrigues of all kinds. But there is one thing that even the most avid fans can’t understand, let’s find out what.

Beautiful, even the fans can’t stand it


Beautiful has millions of fans around the world, this is because it is a soap that targets a specific target and does so with intelligence, tact and a great desire to be within everyone’s reach. Despite this, even the most hardened fans have realized that there is a detail that perhaps went well beyond expectations and on which perhaps it would be appropriate to reverse course.

In 30 years of Beautiful in Italy we have seen as many as 84 weddings. Obviously at the top of the list is the wonderful Brooke who has even been married 15 times. Some of these nuptials have been canceled, most have led to a divorce. Of course, the intrigue of love is at the basis of the story, but perhaps this detail has exaggerated a little too much.

The soap obviously is flawless and very difficult to criticize, so in this sense you have to stick to the details. Obviously we don’t go on for 30 years on television if we don’t find ourselves in front of a series of this level. Many years and the desire always and in any case to find intriguing news and in this way stimulate the public from all over the world.


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